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    Like it or not, we can't lead our lives anything like the way we could when well. Here's a quote on maintaining friendship. "It took me several years to learn how to be a friend while sick. Now I focus on subjects other than my medical condition and, to my surprise, it has turned out to be a treasured respite from my illness."

    This is from a great blogpost called Ten Tips from Ten Years Sick. You'll find it at
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    Thanks, sick~kitty. Good article.
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    Hi Kitty!
    I actually just purchased the book by the author from that blogpost. Her name in Toni Bernhard and the book is called "How To Be Sick". I just started reading it and am finding it to be very inspiring. Just thought I'd put that out there!

    Peace and Healing, Julie
  4. sick~kitty

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    Julie, I'm glad you mentioned the book. I thought it would be pretty good. I've definitely enjoyed her blog posts.
  5. earthdog2000

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    Oh, BTW did I mention that I got the book through Amazon. com? I think it was under $10 with shipping and handling and is a used book in great condition!

    Take care, Julie
  6. victoria

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    BTW, Toni is also a member at the board here!

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