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  1. sofy

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    just found the most interesting non profit site that gives mega info o how to choose which brand of coral calcium. The do not sell any they just tell you how and what to look for and they rate all the brands.
    Go to google and punch in coral calcium watch dog and that should get you there.
    It really helps you seperate they hype from the real data and since this product is expensive and not always full of the good stuff we need to be informed.
    I do not know who these people are and have not been able to determine if they are a phony front for the top brand but you can decide for yourself.
  2. Mikie

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    The screen didn't fit and I could not scroll as all that was off my screen. Going there and coming back here screwed up this website in the same way. I'm stayin' away from it.

    Love, Mikie
  3. sofy

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    I had no trouble at all but then I have a new computer so it could be that. What I know about computers is next to nothing. I'm just getting copy and paste down and proud of it.
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    Thanks for the you know if there are other health watches on the other herbal remedies..I didn't have any problem with the one you recommended..