how to control nausea

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  1. Poppy2

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    AArrrggghh, this is a tough one, anyone know how to control the nausea, me again poppy

    LISALOO New Member

    I eat these ginger candies from World Market. Love them, they really help like nothing else.
  3. Didoe

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    I was in the ER 3x in the last 4 months with gastroenteritis. The nausea component with this is beyond human endurance and I've endured...alot. Its starts with unplanned and unexspected vomiting, excruciating stomach pain and then nausea sets in for a few days (not hours, days.) When you think there's nothing left inside you, this nausea will bring up things from when you were a toddler.

    I was on intravenous phenergan/glucose, oral phenergan and opiate suppositories--the Phenergan was USELESS, the suppositories worked best to stop the vomiting.

    For daily nausea if you can find fresh ginger, grate it or snip a chunk and suck on it. If you have the time, peel a few chunks and simmer them into a tea, sweeten with whatever you like. Its like hot ginger beer, spicy and (safe) effective tradition for nausea.
  4. butterfly83

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    Phenergan. It's a prescription, but it really helps.
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  5. survivor13

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    hi there poppy

    metachlopramide is an anti nausea drug which works fab and cant have too much bad stuff in it as its prescribed to pregnant women as well to combat morning sickness, not sure if iv spelt it right but not far off. iv used it for nearly 20 years and is very effective. hope this is some help and that you get to try it, its a prescription drug tho so hassle ya gp for it mate.
    ((((((((hugs)))))))))))) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. VeniceQueen

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    I was wondering the same thing! I have had really bad nausea for about 3 months now. Some times resulting in vomiting. I had to have emergency surgery this past tuesday and was in the hospital for 2 days after. I was put on a med for nausea and it was a nice break. Not sure what it was, they put it in my iv. It is back now...

    Does anyone know why we get nausea as a side effect from fibromyalgia?

  7. pika

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    sometimes the meds we take, take their toll on our tummies.

    ginger is great. when my tummy is trashed, i make "Chook" or "Jook" (chinese version of chicken-rice soup). boil some chicken until cooked through. either mince as much fresh ginger as you can stand, or smash the large "fingers" (2-3) and cook with the chicken. add rice to the thickness you like soup, and salt to taste. (i add sliced celery) when i can't eat anything else, i can tolerate the chook.

    also, eating raw celery calms my stomach.

    if i'm throwing up, dr. gives me compazine.

    i hope you feel better soon.
  8. Charleen

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    I have had nausea for as longs as I remembered. I take the promethazine 25 mg suppositories but has also learned that graham crackerss have helped too. The prometh does make you tired and sleepy sometimes. I sure wish I could help it is not fun to have a case of nausea.
    Good luck and much love
  9. becc

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    As others have mentioned, ginger is very good - I drink ginger beer.

    I've also found that flat diet coke helps. It has to be completely flat, or it will make you more nauseous. Shake the bottle well, then open the lid very slightly - just enough to let the gas out. Then shake it again, open the lid... you'll have to repeat this several times until it's flat. Then keep it in the fridge and slowly drink half a glass or so when you're nauseous. It doesn't always fix the problem - you might need a prescription or OTC medication/supplement as well - but it helps to settle the stomach.