how to deal with anxiety!?

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  1. verolinia123

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    My anxiety is causing to trigger the way i eat and i can't really take deep breaths.
    does this happen to everyone dealing with anxiety?
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    Unfortunately, anxiety seems to be one of the co-existing issues in regards to our condition. It is easy to say 'just do this', but nobody knows what you are REALLY experiencing - just you. Ultimately, it is important to dig deep in order to find what is making you anxious, and find methods to cope as best as you can. A.x
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    I had hypnotherapy worked very well! Just 2 sessions.
  4. Mikie

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    I agree with meditation and feedback methods before seeking medication for the anxiety. Dr. Cheney recommends Klonopin for the anxiety which he says is caused by a slight seizure condition in the brain. It's not enough to cause full-blown seizures but can cause muscle spasms, ringing in the ears, anxiety, insomnia and sensory overload.

    Klonopin was a God send for me but it does cause physical dependence and, when one wants to wean off of it, it must be done very slowly. I weaned off 2 mgs./day over an 8-month period. My tinnitus got worse and I now have to put 1/4 mg.-1/2 mg. under my tongue to get rid of the tinnitus. Sometimes I have to do this twice a day, sometimes once a day, and sometimes not at all.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    you can try to relax your mind though your favourite music or meditation kind of practise. you can also do breathing excersise daily in the early morning to make your mind fresh and active.
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  6. I will suggest to do yoga exercise which will help to reduce anxiety problem. Yoga exercise provide peace of mind stay us active and healthy.
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    my own suggestion is causing anxiety may differs from man to man,to get rid off anxiety follow these steps....

    Picture yourself successfully facing and conquering a specific fear.
    Talk with a person who is supportive.
    Take a long, warm bath.
    Rest in a dark room
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    I had similar experiences for a month, before my first Lasik eye surgery at See by Intravision in Oakville. I had my surgery at the age of 24 and the anxiety disorder started from the day I heard about my surgery. I had problems with sleeping and mouth dryness. I was not able to take the deep breath sometimes. I discussed this with my surgeon and he helped me to get rid of depression with some good relaxation techniques. I think it’s better you should consult some physicians and they can help you out.
  9. Thank you very information. I like it
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    Here are some natural ways that can help someone deal with anxiety
    • Exercise: Exercising releases mood-boosting hormones, making us feel happier and more positive. It also reduces stress and clears the mind.
    • Avoid substances: If alcohol and drugs are the cause of your anxiety, or make it worse, staying off these substances is vital.
    • Reduce the use of stimulants: Smoking and caffeine can make an anxious person even more so, so quitting or cutting down caffeine intake are a must.
    • Meditate: Relaxation methods like meditation are useful to reduce stress.
    • Sleep: A good night’s rest is important to feeling refreshed and calming your mind.
    • Food: Well-balanced meals, including lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, can work to reduce anxiety.
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    nice suggestions.
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    Google Alpha-Stim and anxiety. The Alpha-Stim is a cranial electrical stimulation device for home use.
  13. Janerodk

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    Try Ashwagandha Full Spectrum CO2 Extract 500 mg Vegetarian Capsules. It helped me.
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    My reference is to walk outside and look for some beautiful scenery, such as the lake, flowers, sun, etc.. For me, listening to music is also a good choice. You know what, sometimes I would try SPA while in anxiety. Skincare helps me become more positive because when I look at my face I feel it's pleasant, I mean the confidence. Hope it's helpful. -CreativePeptides
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  15. Great ideas given...
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    It's very important to find the cause to let you anxious. You have the anxiety because there's something in your mind that you can not behave like the normal people. So just think is there any problems appear in your life recently?

    Benefits please like flowers, when they are fresh.
  17. adamcollin

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    Acupuncture therapy is also effective in relieving anxiety. I have a friend who took treatment from Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness and his symptoms have improved a lot.