How to explain ME/CFS versus depression

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  1. Andrew111

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    I've been looking around for ways to explain to doctors why my ME/CFS is not depression. Here are the two I've used lately.

    1. I explain to the doctor that I have seen more than one psychiatrist, that the psychiatrists experimented with my medication, that this changed my level of depression, but my ME/CFS symptom cluster remained unchanged during all of this. And in all other experiences, there appears to be no correlation between changes in my level of depression and changes in my ME/CFS symptoms.

    2. I say to the doctor "Depression does not get worse when one stands up; depression does not get worse when one walks 50 feet. This is not depression."

    I sort of like the second one better. But maybe that's because I'm tired of all this. Comments, suggestions, alternatives?
  2. kd25

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    that a significant difference is that if you ask someone with depression what they would do if they weren't ill, they are apathetic and can'tlist anything. Whereas, someone with CFS, when asked the same question, will list dozens of things they would like to do.
  3. TeaBisqit

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    There are a million and one differences. Depression doesn't make you dizzy, lightheaded, have swollen glands, run low grade fevers, have blood pressure drops upon standing, give you light and sound sensitivity, reactivate different viruses in your body, give you Hashimotos, severe fatigue, and a million other things.
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    I hope we're allowed to post links--I'm new here. I hope this will be of help to you! It gives a list of differences between M.E. vs Fibromyalgia as well as M.E. vs Depression.

    ~ Karyn
  5. Andrew111

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    Unfortunately, there are still many doctors who don't know about ME/CFS. They run their tests and when nothing shows up they say it's depression. They don't even bother to see if it fits depressions, they just put it there. In fact, I saw a doctor a few months ago who said that research shows that CFS can be cured with anti-depressants.

    So I'm glad people are jumping in here. Your ideas are helping me.
  6. Bunchy

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    I always say that depression does not cause swollen lymph nodes, profuse night sweats and severe temperature dysregulation.

    They like to put anything they can't explain in the UK down to depression but they can't truthfully ever say that depression causes the above symptoms so that usually stops them from going down that track!

    Good luck!

    Love Bunchy x

    PS Yes your second point is a good one!
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