How to explain to the children????

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    First of all I want to say Hello and God Bless all of you. I hope each of you is feeling well. This is a rough thing to deal with, somedays it can really get you down. I have had a few bad days where I just wish all the achiness and pain would go away. Everyday is a bit much being in this pain..Well my question is I have a 13 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with Chronic Myofiscial Pain and FM..She has been sickly for years . We finanlly have some kind of diagnoses which is a relief in away for us but then we hate to know she has to deal with this so young. Its tough on me and I'm an adult!! WEll the problem is that when shes sick,which she can only attend school about one or two days a week lately,her older sister and brother think that she is faking all the time. They really don't understand and I try to explain but you know how teenagers are "they know best" upsets my 13 year old and me because its so hard for those without FM to understand,especially if you're looking fine..So I was wondering if there is any ways or suggestions to help with this...thanks for your suggestions and support..god bless all..karin
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    Just didn't want you to give up. I noticed no one replied to your post, and I see that there are some recent posts that deal with teens and FM, so you may find some answers there. Patti G
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    Hi,I don't know if you have ever heard of the book by,Devin j. Starlanyl,there is a chapter in this book,that tells you how you can explain to family and friends about Fibro,kids included.You can find this,I believe in any book store.Wish you luck,teenagers can be a hand full.((((HUGS)))) Beth
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    Perhaps you can find some fun/amusing articles and email them to the kids who can't understand - my 12 year old had & has trouble coping with my FM I went to various sites, emailed her some amusing stories and it actually started us talking and we had some laughs too! Laughs are hard to come by some days