how to file for disability

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  1. kat0465

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    can anyone give me some info on how to even start the filing process?? i dont have a clue where to begin :( since HUrricane Ike came thru & took my job, i have realized that i should have quit a long time ago, i just made myself way sicker pushing it like i did.
    the only thing i know to do now is file, and i dont know where to start. any info Would be helpful.
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  2. monica33flowers

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    I went through Allsup and I was approved the very first time. They do all the work for you and with this fibro fog I know I wouldn't have gotten my SS approved so quickly.
  3. landra

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    There is a message thread, at the top of the first page of messages, call Social Security information that has a lot of information about filing. You can do it on-line yourself, for instance. HOWEVER there are ways to make your answers "fit" better, etc. So please read that set of messages.

    there is also another website called diinissues; it is yahoo group like this and I believe the address is in one of those postings. They have attorneys who work in the field, and people who used to work at Social Security who answer questions. I'd strongly encourage reading that too.

    I have helped people apply for disability, so I knew some of the ins and outs. But when I crashed I was so tired, depressed, and in so much pain that I could not think straight. So I went directly to using an attorney. IF you ever need an attorney on your case, the fee they will get is set by law - and they get it no matter whether they started the case with you or picked it up after your denial. [And almost all CFS/FM cases are refused at first. - Our situation is not as clear as a parapalegic, for instance.] My attorney's office actually sat there and typed in the answers needed for the first application - putting my answers into "buzz words" and giving shorter answers than I would have. - and I even "knew" to be short - still could not do it for myself. Be sure to get an attorney that has staff working with them - single practicioners often cannot answer your questions in a timely manner, leaving you in the dark.

    and organization like Allsup also can help you. I don't know if their eventual fee is less an attorney or not.

    Also be sure to tell your dotor that you are filing. You will need the doctor's support eventually. Make sure they are writing down your limitations at every meeting! Many people keep a journal of some sort and provide their doctor with a summary at each meeting - it becomes part of your medical records.

    Finally be sure to get copies of your medical records yourself. SocSec is notrious for losing records, or not getting the shole file over to the next level, etc. It will save a lot of frustration if you can just give them another copy. A small expense to help ensure your future income!

    Hope this helps!
  4. landra

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    You certainly CAN get an attorney before you've been denied. My attorney is handling the whole thing from start to finish - and her pay is not any bigger to do it this way. In fact having someone who knows what they are doing may shorten the whole thing.

    However, people also can do a good job for themselves. I just couldn't.
  5. hensue

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    I live in ga and have filed with allsup and there is a backlog i know i have to wait 120 days right now. So i am expected to be denied the first anyway.
    just the way of the system. Some states seem to fly thru. Especially it seems texas.
    i dont know just from what i see.
    i still am stupid enough i dont know how the stuff on line works i the dis thing. I emailed them one time and they were rude. it was like didnt read it? stupid
    So i said screw it.
    Check in with allsup they are wonderful and will help you!
    let me know what state i am courious
  6. kat0465

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    i live in Texas, and dont know if my brain can handle all the paper work, so i need all the help i can get!
    thanks everyone for the info.gonna try & start looking into it asap, i klnow it's probably gonna be a battle. {{Hugs}}Kat