How to find a GOOD Rhumatologist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrotina, Aug 17, 2005.

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    How can I find a rheumatologist? I was going to do a drug study for Pregablin but was just told I am not able because I am on SSD. Does that make sense to any of you? I was told that SSD will take my benefits away because the study involves taking a placebo, and if I don't need real meds then I must not be sick and that will be the end of my SSD. Huh??
    Any way this rheumatologist that is conducting the study is one the best in my areas... tried to get in to see him 5 years ago but he is so booked, I had to see one of the other dr's in the office which turned out to be a nightmare.. all he did was treat me for allergies and that made me worse!! So any way, I called this rheumatologists office and said I wanted to make a new patient appointment and the lady, who was very nasty about it, said I would have to have my GP send all of my records, tests, labs, etc. to them and they would decided if they would see me or not and which doctor I would be seeing!!! I hung up the phone thinking yeah right... I'll be going elsewhere where my illness is important and someone willing to help me. I wanted to go off on her, but kept my mouth shut. ;)

    So my question here is how do you all go about finding a GOOD rheumatologist? I live in the Rochester NY area and am having a hard time with this. I have seen 3 seperate doctors in the last 5.5 years and was not treated very well. My GP is kinda at a loss as to what to do for me next. Any advice??

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    I can't answer your question, but I can give you some advice so there is a better chance of someone responding to your inquiry.

    Instead of just saying "How....." in the title line, why don't you say something like: " How to find a GOOD Rhumatologist?" or "Rhumie help please?"

    That way, people skimming through the list of message titles, who have knowledge and/or experience with Rheumatologists will know what your "How...." is all about.

    I don't know why I opened your message, I usually only open ones that I know what it is about. Guess I have a bit more time today and was curious, but a lot of us feel lousy and don't take the time to open messages that we don't think we can relate to.

    Just a bit of friendly advice.

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    It is me again. Have you tried looking at the Doctor Referral page at the top of this one? If you click on doctor Referral, and then click on the Co-Cure link for good doctors and look in New York State, you might find someone. Here is a link to that page in case you have trouble finding it:

    Good Luck

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    Thank you so much.. I'll give it a shot!!!

  5. fibrotina

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    No Dr. anywhere near my area on the Good Doctor List....

    thanks anyways
  6. You may have to kiss a lot of frogs,but try Connelley's best Drs or if there is a listing of top drs in your area and look for someone who treats fibromyalgia. Try lists from support groups in your area. One of the associations has such a list. But these are recommendations from members and they aren't always that good. I know because I used one who took a lot of uneeded tests (he was an empire builder). Be careful and use your head. Try to find out as much as possible. Lots of rheumatologists, even if they are good, don't want to bother with fibro. Good Luck! My opinion is that fibro really belongs in neurology.

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