How to find a Lyme Dr. - Wisconsin anyone?

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    Is there a referall board, somthing like co-cure but for Lyme? Want a second opinion on my test results, and to be retested.

    Thanks!Looking for wi or northern il
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    Yes you do need another doctor. Do you still live in WI or are you in Michigan? I don't know any drs in WI, but there are at least 4 to chose from in Michigan.

    If you will come to MI to be treated, google Michigan Lyme association. Then contact Linda our president and she will give you a referral to a good lyme doctor. If your test says you have lyme, then you have lyme. Dr. Mustafa is very confused about lyme. You may not even need to be retested!!

    good luck to you Lisaloo!!!

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  3. suexi

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    you can go to lymenet flash, sign up, then you can post to find a dr. near you.. They can also help you with medical questions.

  4. victoria

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    this is one of the best referral sources I have seen, allows you to 'filter' for location, members of or not, and/or other medical specialties, plus also naturopaths etc:

    hope this helps...

  5. klutzo

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    There is supposed to be a very good LLMD in central Wisconsin, Dr. H, currently being persecuted by the authorities for prescribing long-term ABX. He is holding firm and continuing to treat patients. I have heard nothing but good things about him from his patients on LymeNet. There is a whole post devoted to his dilemma at LymeNet in the flash discussion, medical questions section, if you want to go check it out.

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    Dr Mustafa misdiagnosed my Lyme disease too. I didn't even need to repeat the Igenex Western Blot. I just took the one from FFC. My Springfield, MO LLMD began treating me right away. He also thinks I have one or possibly two
    co-infections that the Quest testing missed.

    Hormonal issues are the other big problem that Dr. Mustafa couldn't seem to figure out either. I've got low levels of everything and she didn't know what to do to bring those up. Very common with CFIDS and Lyme.

    There is supposed to be a LLMD in Fon-Du-Lac. Try the medical question section of Lymenet or the referral Victoria mentioned.

    I contacted every Lyme organization (even the Michigan Lyme Association) looking for a LLMD in IL but found no one.

    I did try Dr. Jack Zoldan (Chicago) but he decided that I had post-Lyme-auto-immune disease. He states that he is NOT a LLMD. We were going to butt heads about hormones. He doesn't believe that it's necessary to supplement low ones. I decided to seek treatment elsewhere.

    His website, FWIW:

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