how to find a rural route address, please advise

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  1. hagardreams

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    Some of you know that I have not been able to find my granddaughter since christmas eve last year. I found a rural route address on the internet that the mother gave to the court house for another case going against her.

    Does anyone know how to find those kind of mailing addresses? I have looked all over the internet and cant find anything on them.

    God bless, Julie
  2. Juloo

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    US? Canada? You mean you actually have a physical address? Or is it a P.O. Box, and you need to find the person that owns it? Or do you have a route number which doesn't correspond to a street/highway type of route and you believe this is a mail route #?

    Nowadays with so many people having cell phones, it can be difficult to find people without being able to use a phone number as a starting place. Do you have a county? In the U.S., many Clerks of Court (county level) have searchable web sites which show public documents filed. Unfortunately, this is not evenly done across the U.S. Our little rural county is covered, but I was doing a search in a city several times larger, and they were still behind -- perhaps because of the volume of scanning, etc.
  3. hagardreams

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    The address on the legal documents is as follows:
    Rural route 2 box 470
    It is a united states address. The town is here in Oklahoma, not too far from where they use to live.

    There is also another address, but no street name, it just shows 2065 no. 11. and thats it. That sounds like an apt number or maybe a trailer park address.

  4. jenemc

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    i have gotten mai just addressed to me name and the town and state adn zip where i live..address is left your local post office adn ask them about it. the address the court house has should be a legal address for her.
    good luck in your quest. i have done that also, my hubbys daughters he had not seen in around 6 yrs at the time.

  5. Bambi

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    pay a small fee at the post office to put return address requested. I'm pretty sure that's how a friend found her ex who hadn't paid child support.
    Also in the small town we used to live in the post office post master could give out home addresses to certain people. I don't know if it was just anyone or just authorities but you could check.

    Neither one of these ideas may help but it's worth a try maybe. If you go to your local library they may have a phone book for that town. You could look up anyone in town and try calling them or someone on the town council that might tell you the address. Don't give up though. Good luck! Bambi
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    Thanks to all who replied. I hope I can find some answers soon. Like I said, it will a year this christmas eve since I have seen Alexis, and I miss her so much.

    Think good thoughts for me finding her.

    God bless, Julie