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    my gp has asked me to provide a name so she can refer me with cfs any ideas????
    i live in hertforshire from uk
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    Hi Sara

    If you want an NHS referral most are now being made to the new chronic fatigue centres who work along the lines of ME, CFS, FM, MCS etc which include any kind of CF are essentially functional somatic disorders and so prescribe CBT and/or graded exercise.

    There are some good specialists involved at a few of these centres, but they have complained their hands are tied, in other words they cannot yet do the tests they would like to do nor can they offer other treatments on the NHS. These better specialist might well be better at picking up probems other than ME/CFS and have those checked out though.

    This is why advocates in the UK are campaigning to have the Canadian diagnostic and treatment guidelines officially accepted in the UK and used at these CF centres.

    A lot depends upon the health trusts involved too; many referrals where there is no funding agreement are turned down.

    If no one from Herftordshire can make a recommendation then a UK based organisation might be better able to advise who you should see. There are some good local groups in the UK, the Norfolk group is one such example, and they might be able to make recommendations.

    Dr Sarah Myhill treats patients outside the NHS, but her waiting list is long, a few have suggested she is not taking on new patients but I have not checked that out. She has an extensive web site with lots of info and can recommend other doctors who treat patients along similar lines. The doctor I see outside the NHS concentrates mostly on treating infections, I self treat the rest.

    Before the CF centres were put in place my GP referred me to specialists based in London and Essex through the NHS, the referrals were turned down. Now I am pleased they were.

    There are doctors in the UK, again outside the NHS, who treat along similar lines to Dr Teitelbaum.

    Good luck.

    love, Tansy

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    will get you details of fm/cfs helpline i believe.
    they produce the FaMily magazine and print the number in there,if you dont find it or i find it first i will mail back.
    i rang up over something completely different and came away w/what i wanted and more,most staff are cfs/fmers so go easy they are just like us.