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    good morning everyone, Was wondering if anyone can tell me how to go about getting disablity. I'm tired of of being broke, I really don't have a clue where to start, Actually i havent even been going to the dr lately its so depressing all she does is up the anti dressiants and sleepingv pills never anything stronger for pain,all she gives me is 800 ibprfion (sp) when the pain is really bad I take my hisbands vicadon. I dont really thank she understands this lovely thing that contols my life, I remeber how my father had to fight for disability and he had a bad heart and cancer i dont know if i have that fight in me
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    I would first get yourself a doctor that understands this dd and can actually help you. You will need a doctor who can fully explain your limitations to be successful for disability.

    Second, make sure you don't get it written anywhere in your records that you have taken your husband's Vicodin. It's is illegal to take someone else's prescription for a controlled substance. Having done medical transcription I do know that doctor's will enter it in to your record if you tell them that you take someone else's prescription and that could hurt you in a disability hearing.

    I would also suggest consulting a disability lawyer. They can go over the case with you, help you with paperwork, and tell you what kind of case you have and what information you will need to get to apply.

    There was a post on here awhile ago that had a lot of good information about disability, unfortunately I can't remember the name...maybe if someone else does they can bump it.
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    YOu are going to have to find a better dr. You wont have the records updated to really get started. You can call SS and ask them to send you the application. Your best chance are the drs. They will send you to their med dr and maybe a psy. I am blessed that I worked for city gov. and Im on pension disability and they have an attorney's office that is covering my case. There will be someone here that will lead through the process.

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    I cant help with the disability but my doctors were the same they wouldnt give me anything til a week ago I beged and he finely gave me a non narcotic called Lodine 400 MG
    and it seems to be working for some of my pain.Why they had never offered this before I dont know but I have it now and it is worth your asking your doc for.good luck