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  1. IndigoSC

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    I'm really sorry to post this, but I'm really getting to the end of my line. Muscle relaxers and Anti-depressants just do not cut it for the pain, nor do any kind of over-the-counter pain killers, I've tried all of them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to actually get a doctor to give me something that will help with pain? Anything? I'm tired of spending half my day in bed (not sleeping, just in bed) because of the pain. I really think we ought to have some right to pain relief, cause I know it exists....Please help!
    Thanks so much,
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    Have you seen a pain specialist? That is where I received the oxycontin,neurontin,klonopin +lortabs.Some regular G.P`s will not give these meds. out but a specialist recognizes the pain.
  3. IndigoSC

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    Well, unfortunately I do not have any health insurance at all, so all the dr appointments I go to, I have to pay for out of my pocket. Therefore, I can't just go from Dr to Dr making lots of appointments until I find a good dr. who will listen to me. I finally splurged and went to a dr. who is supposed to be a specialist in fibro, but he either would not give me anything for pain, just anti-depressants. I went to a "pain clinic" about a year ago, but they would not give me anything either, and just said I needed to take aerobics (and charged me $265 for THAT) I guess I will just tell my dr. next time I go that the anti-depressants are just not cutting it. Any more suggestions would be great. I don't want to look like I'm just seeking drugs, but this pain is getting worse and worse to where I can't function. I don't really even like taking meds, but sometimes I feel like they would probably help. How do you ask a dr. for pain meds without looking like a druggie??
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    The best advice I got on this board was to go to a pain specialist. She finally gave me percocet, neurotin and skelaxin. Now a finally have some relief from some of the horrible pain I was in. My small rural area had one so your area probably does to.

    I hope you get some pain relief soon. It makes all the difference in the world. I feel like my old self again. The pain isn`t totally gone but so much better. Good luck with it.
  5. outraged

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    Hi Indigo:
    I think I can help. There is a website that will not only write the prescription but will also fill it and send it to you.
    It's kind of pricy but when you hurt and can't get relief the old fashioned way, via a doctor, it's worth the money. Here's how it works:

    1.) Go to the website and request a consultation with an online doctor, which will cost you $130.00 (If the doctor does not prescribe for you (which almost never happens) the cost will be a mere $25.00 administrative fee);
    2.) After you request the consult and pay the $130 fee, via credit card, money order, etc., You get an email advising you of your time and date of consult. You simply call the doctor at that scheduled time and he will ask you what your symptoms are and how severe your pain is. This doc is very non-judgmental, kind, compassionate, and really listens. After a short history, he tells you right then and there what he will be prescribing for you and when to expect to receive it.

    Note: I requested and paid for my consult on a Wed., had my consult on a Thurs., and my meds arrived at my door Fri. morning, not kidding, that fast. He prescribed, and without hesitating the following meds: Hydrocodone 10/650mg (which is actually lortab 10mg of Hydrocodone and 650mg of Acetaminophine, and 350mg of Soma (a muscle relaxer). The only other money I had to shell out was for the cost of the meds and the shipping which came to a total of $57 and change.

    I had to pay $65 for the website address but I will be happy to share it with you (all) for free. If you are interested let me know.

    And, btw, this is TOTALLY LEGAL and complies with all rules, regs., and laws set forth by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

    God Bless,

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    ... who don't "believe" in "them"...
    kinda makes you wonder just "what" they DO believe in...
    kinda makes me not want to believe in them (the doctors)...
    what the hell do they make pain medication for if not to relieve pain...
    i'm well aware of the abusive nature of the "beast", but, sheesh... c'mon...
    i "believe" that on the american pain foundation's site, there's some kind of "bill of rights" for those in pain...
    maybe if you scream loud enough, they'll perscribe some advil or something... (general sarcasm)...
    anyway, good luck...
  7. adb263

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    Just go to drugbuyers dot com and you can find everything you want to know about getting meds online. The site is free and they are most helpful on the message boards. Hope this helps
  8. Mikie

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    I always suggest that people interview pain specialists. They are the only ones who are not afraid of opiods, in most cases. Be sure to ask when you call what their attitude is toward medications.

    Pain docs are the only ones who understand our type of pain. You may have to try a couple out before finding one which is good.

    Love, Mikie
  9. kmelodyg

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    I know exactly what you are going through. I've had this problem for years. But I finally have started to break through. Have you ever tried Ultram? It is a non-narcotic pain reliever. Most doctors give it out with no problem. It's not as strong as other things, but it may relieve the pain somewhat. I have been on Ultram for years and at this point they do not work for me. So, I have fought and fought with my doctor about getting me on something that works. At this point, I am finally on 10 mg. Percocet 3 times a day with Ultram for breakthrough pain. It works for me when I am having a good day. I will continue to fight until I am not suffering anymore. You need to tell your doc that what you are on IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU!!! And say that you want to have something else so that you can function. ANd if he does give you something and it dosen't help, keep calling his office to give you something else!! I also recommend since you do not have insurance, have the doc give you a small amount (like 10) to start with, in case it does not work. That way you won't blow your maoney away on useless meds. I hope this helps! Get out there and fight!!! And don't take no for an answer!! Exaggerate if you have to!! And let us know how you do!
    Good luck hon!

    Big Soft Hugs,
  10. allhart

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    tell your dr what you have just told us,
    hopefully if your dr knows how bad you got he will give you something or tell him how bad you are and just ask for what you want to try,
  11. AnnetClo

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    and I don't know if this will help, but it's worth a try. Document, document, document. Every pain, every symptom. Document the day you see the doctor, what you tell him (a pain dairy would be a big help here), and document to the word what he tells you. Explain to him that you need to have relief from this horrific pain. Tell him what you do on your own to help yourself, "excercise, hot baths, rice socks, heating pads, diet changes, etc.". Search the internet for meds that have been used with success to treat FM and take him a copy (you keep a copy for yourself). Then when this fails (and of course it probably will), see an attorney. Maybe one who specializes in malpractice. If I'm not mistaken, they don't get paid unless you win the case. I know that Madwolf has posted several times about the case somewhere out west I think about the man who sucessfully sued his doctor for not adequately treating his pain so maybe he can give you some info about that case. The main thing is we have to get it in our head that we have a right to live without pain. We are not drug seekers, or mental cases and we deserve those meds. And maybe if we all are as diligent and agressive about the right to pain relief as we are about having people acknowledge that FM and CFS are real we can change things. I know that it seems like a lot of aggravation, but so is living every day with this crap and so is going from doctor to doctor and getting nowhere.

    Keep the faith girl and if I can do anything let me know.
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    I have assumed that SC stands for South Carolina. I found a doctor in some online research who is a pain specialist who prescribes narcotics and also uses the guai protocol, who is near Atlanta. He treats fibro patients as well as people whose back surgeries were screwed up. He is not any more expensive than a regular doctor here in Oregon and his first consultation lasts an hour or more. If you don't want to do guai after talking to him, I believe he would respect that. Write to me at (email address deleted) so that I can give you the url and more info. You don't need to be in pain any longer. This guy believes that you are in pain and he wants to get you OUT of pain, and, furthermore, help you sleep, make you functional, and get you on the road to recovery.
    Love and hugs,
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