How to get rid of yeast in mouth?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jaynesez, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    I know you can take probiotics for your intestines, etc. for yeast overgrowth but what to do for your mouth? You know, the fuzzy tongue thing. I've rinsed in listerine and am waiting to start the probiotics on vacation (they almost killed me with gas cramps last time, this is normal) but would like to do something for my tongue in the meantime. Any suggestions would help. PS does anyone know where to get a tongue scaper, and do you think it'd help?
    THANK YOU to anyone who can help!
  2. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi jaynesez,

    I've been taking colloidal silver lately, which is an anti-microbial, and I notice that my tongue fuzz has completely gone away. Maybe that could be an idea, to do a mouth rinse with cs and water?

  3. nixon

    nixon New Member

    at any drugstore....
  4. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    is the cs a supplement? I'll get that and use a teaspoon (good idea Jam!). Can you tell me if Walgreens, etc carries the cs or do you have to go to a health store? I'm trying to lay off the bread and sweets, which I know is a major problem (and am craving both badly). Thanks again! I can't stick out my tongue at anybody right now!! Ugh.
  5. Oh my goodness, I tested positive for systemic candida (yeast)... but, I've not had the 'fuzzy tongue' issue...

    However, after my last (huge) high dose steroid taper, (30 day one!!!, they were normally 6 days, and then drs went to 12 day tapers,)...

    After the 30 day taper I did, I got ALL the miserable steroid junk. Including some mild (thank god) thrush, (oral yeast) where, I had very painful even though it was minor, painful little white spots on my tongue...

    I had my husband go to the store, and get me plain yogurt. PLAIN-ACIDOPHOLIS (sp) yogurt. NASTY stuff, but, I would place that in my mouth (almost vomited when I swallowed it,) but, I would hold it in my mouth/ on my tongue, and either luck, or coincidence, the pain stopped, spots were gone in no time..

    However, if the 'fuzzy' tongue, is yeast- there are prescription mouthwashes/rinses available you could talk to your doctor about..

    If you google thrush, oral yeast, oral thrush, etc you can read the suggested treatments, better than I could tell them to you..

    And, as one person already did say, you can find tongue scraper(s) at Wal-Mart, and usually any drugstores...

    Take care,

  6. BeanyMalone

    BeanyMalone New Member

    Twinlabs makes a supplement called "Yeast Fighters" and it seems to work. Have you asked your doc for Diflucan? Also, thrush can be a symptom of lowered immunity issues..maybe a checkup might help.
  7. panthere

    panthere Member

    What about rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide???
  8. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    Hi Jayne. My son had this and his MD suggested Gentian Violet. I had only seen it used on horses prior to this but it certainly did the trick. All the neonatal specialists with all their latest creams were unable to cure it, but a trip to the local pharmacy to purchase the bottle then swab inside his mouth, was all we had to do to clear it right up. We did this at least once a day for about a week. His mouth and lips were stained purple for several weeks though. and this did elicit a lot of stares and comments. Oh well.

    If you are just talking about a fuzzy tongue then of course the tongue scrapers, or just regular tongue brushing should to do the trick.

    If my first suggestion sounds way out of whack, then it probably is. I have been on Twitter learning to tweet and am in a mind funk. I will apologize in advance, just in case.

  9. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    help everyone. I tried to scrape with a teaspoon but gagged to bad. Hopefully a tongue scraper will do better (thanks anyways, Jam). I've never heard of Gentian violet, but will take the other posters advice and google that along with oral yeast. I don't have thrush per se, my tongue is fuzzy and the fuzz will keep my tongue brown (after coffee) or red (after Vitamin Water) and I've tried like hell to get it off with a tooth brush to no avail. I just went to my PCP for bronchial infection, but didn't think to ask him about the yeast thing, and if you're not an 80 year diabetic then he's not really helpful anyways, (nice man though). Thanks again and I'll google for more information. Anita- where did you get tested for yeast? Was it a natural dr or what type of dr? I have severe IBS and know it's due to yeast! Thanks again ladies and gents!
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  10. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Have you actually been diagnosed by a doctor as having oral thrush, or could you possibly be mistaking a fuzzy tongue as being thrush? Oral thrush can become dangerous and should be treated with a prescription medication. If on the otherhand, it is just a fuzzy tongue, then a tongue scraper should do the job. You can buy a tongue scraper at your local drug store. They are usually sold in the same section as toothbrushes.

  11. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    That's what my son was diagnosed as having, Thrush. I spaced on the word yesterday. He had a white fuzz (that was very painful) all over on the inside of his mouth. Very distinctive. I may have even misspelled Gentian Violet. Sorry.

  12. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    tongue. My daughter got thrush as a baby (gross, right!) and mine is simply the fuzzy tongue. It doesn't hurt or anything, just don't want anyone seeing my tongue this way and also my saliva is very thick and I remember reading on here somewhere that this was yeast as well (sigh). Vivian, don't apologize, we're all spaced! LOL! Thanks again ladies, as soon as I get done here am heading to google!! PS Panthere, am going to try the peroxide tonight, thanks!
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  13. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    I know that sounds ridiculous, but baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate) is actually a powerful antifungal.

    You can add 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon to 4-6 ounces of warm water. Stir it up, let it dissolve really well, then hold and swish it around in your mouth for a minute or so.

    You can spit it out, or swallow it -- then look at your tongue. It should be not as coated or thrushy looking.

    This study is just one that showed that sodium bicarbonate is an effective antifungal agent:

    Hope this helps -- it's helped me...


    p.s. A tongue scraper is okay too, but you can use your fingernail or a spoon. :) Also, a good high-dose probiotic can in fact help colonize the mouth with the proper bacteria as well, although I believe it's recommended to lower the fungal infection levels first.[This Message was Edited on 03/09/2009]
  14. TaniaF

    TaniaF Member

    Whenever I get the fuzzy tongue (white coating) I swish with Nystatin and spit it out a couple times a day--gets rid of it fast. My doctor says Nystatin is very benign and been around for years. If I feel it is in my throat or somewhat systemic I swish and swallow.

    It is a prescription--so you need a doctor to write a scrip. Really cheap at drugstore.

  15. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    I dissolve 1 tbsp baking soda in a few ounces of water. Swish around your mouth several times a day. It should clear it up in 3 or 4 days max.

  16. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    about baking soda as another poster had said she was using it for her body being too acidic (can't remember who). I did start a good priobiotic and have noticed a little improvement already! I'm going to stop and get some baking soda tonight and try it. I just went and saw my PCP for bronchitis, and don't know if he would prescribe either medicine for me without another office visit so I'll try the BS. Thanks again all!

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