How to handle kids when so sick? FM,CFID& Lyme!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmfriend, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. fmfriend

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    Please Im at wits end. I am in so much pain, so exhausted, and my mind and body just are failing me. I have no family, have been so isolated have no freinds, no help.
    My kids are 13 & 15 and both have severe ADHD. My 13 yr old daughter just wants to go,go,go, and I cant. I cant even take the exess noise they have no clue of corse that it causes my body and mind pain.

    We moved and so we are not familiar to the area and dont know many people. I just feel like Im at the end of my rope. I honestly dont know how much longer I can take it. My husband leaves at 5:30am and gets home at 6:30 so its all me all day!

    Please even just some encouragement would help ~ Thanks~ Sally

  2. Misfit101

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    Im sorry i dont have any answers for you. Wish i did. It must be so hard for you and them as well...being new somewhere and not having any friends or family. I dont have friends either but thats intentional on my part. Hopefully you get some good ideas here. Looks like you have one already. I wish you luck!
  3. hermitlady

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    This kid related angst is a popular problem around here lately. You might want to go over to the depr board, in fact I just posted over there about how my kids have been torturing me! Check out my bio, it probably needs to be updated, but you can see what I'm having to live with. It might help you to feel not so alone anyway.

    The stress is so bad for us. I am positive that stress is one of the main reasons I've been chosen to suffer from FM/CFS/ body and mind are so worn out!

    Just wanted to reach out to you, we're floating in the "same" boat...

    Where do you live? I have lots of info on services I've fought for in Calif for my 2 monsters.

    xoxo Hermit
  4. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    I'm so sorry that you are having such difficulties.

    I don't have any magic suggestions, but I do wonder if your children have Lyme causing their symptoms.

    It is common for kids with lyme to exhibit ADHD symptoms.

    I assume from the title of your post that you have lyme.

    I have lyme too, so I can relate.

    Are you being treated by a Lyme literate MD?

    This essay by Dr John Bleiweiss is long but allowed me to recognize others around me who are also infected but their symptoms are displayed in different ways...

    I hope you find some ways to help you get through each day.

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