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    I found this info on a website regarding supplements--which I will not name the website; however, I thought some of their "sales info" was interesting.

    If the moderators say that this info is not allowed to be posted because of the site it came from, please let me know and I will delete it.


    Fibromyalgia is a stiffness and pain syndrome involving muscles, connective tissues (tendons, ligaments), bursae, and joints. It is also characterized by severe fatigue that is unrelieved by sleep because often Fibromyalgia patients do not get much, if any, stage 4 (or Delta) sleep—the "healing" phase of sleep where repair of bodily tissues takes place.

    Read below how to help control or reverse Fibromyalgia through high-tech nutrition.

    Risk factors for developing Fibromyalgia are:

    * A family history of depression - research has shown that Fibromyalgia is more common in people with a family history of depression.

    * Gender - two-thirds of Fibromyalgia sufferers are women

    * Low Thyroid Function - studies have shown that Fibromyalgia is more common in persons with low thyroid function.

    What is the cause of Fibromyalgia?

    Medically speaking, Fibromyalgia does not have a known cause, however, usually Fibromyalgia sufferers:

    * Do not process lactic acid normally

    * Do not sleep well

    * Have lowered pain thresholds

    * Have low thyroid function

    * Have low serotonin levels

    * Have low progesterone levels

    * Have impaired immune system function

    * Have high toxic/allergic levels

    * Have low glutathione/antioxidant levels

    * Have experienced a structural stress such as a whip lash or fall

    Although correlation does not denote causation, the most logical approach for anyone is to treat each of the above correlative factors as if it might be a cause. In other words, treatment for Fibromyalgia should include:

    * Participating in low impact exercise routines and diet regimens that facilitate processing of lactic acid.

    * Endeavoring to sleep more soundly and regularly.

    * Reducing stress and increase dietary magnesium... which leads to lowered pain thressholds.

    * Endeavoring to increase thyroid function.

    * Endeavoring to increase levels of serotonin.

    * Endeavoring to increase levels of progesterone.

    * Endeavoring to improve immune system functioning.

    * Detoxifying our bodies.

    * Increasing glutathione/antioxidant levels

    * Remedying structural damage to nerves (chiropractic or osteopathic intervention, sauna or massage therapy)

    Key points regarding above Fibromyalgia treatments:

    * Stretching and massage, not weight lifting, jogging, running or bicycling, are best for removing lactic acid from the body.

    * Calcium is the major dietary need to allow the body to deal with lactic acid removal. The best forms of calcium are derived from biological forms: such as vegetation or sea weed.

    * Sleeping is best assured by having a balanced life, complete with normal rhythms of eating, working, sleeping and recreating... along with optimal nutrition.

    * Magnesium is a major dietary need regarding increasing the pain threshold. Magnesium prevents the nerves from firing too quickly—or being too “hot” (low pain threshold).

    * Endocrine function and serotonin levels are improved by eating essential and nonessential amino acid precursors such as Tyrosine, Tryptophan (5-HTP), and B-Vitamins.

    * Progesterone is produced in our body’s Schwann cells. When production is low, estrogen dominance occurs (and this helps produce hot nerves—ask any woman with PMS about hot nerves). The best direct treatment is to apply natural progesterone (available at any health food store) creams during days 12 through 26 of the menstrual cycle.

    * Assisting the body’s immune system through cleansing diets will assist the body’s immune system to optimum functioning.

    * Increasing intake of antioxidants/glutathione is easily done with fresh fruits & vegetables and small molecule whey protein.

    * Chiropractors or osteopaths capable of not only side to side corrections of skeletal structures (to eliminate pressures on nerves), but also front to back and rotational alignment, especially of the head, are the kind of chiropractors you want to see. If a health practitioner needs more than a few sessions to ”put your head on straight” he doesn’t have the kind of training you require.

    Three Key Steps in the Fight Against Fibromyalgia

    * Remove toxins, allergens & stresses from your body.

    * Reset the autoimmune system (order a cease-fire).

    * Rebuild the damaged bodily tissues (with high-tech nutrition).

    Overcoming Fibromyalgia is a bit like rebuilding a city that has been bombed during an aerial war. The equivalent steps are:

    * Negotiate a political decision to stop the bombing - this normally means you have to remove combatants from the city. If the enemy believes that there are still combatants in the city... they will continue to order bombing raids.

    * Recall the bomber planes.

    * Start repairing and rebuilding.

    Combatants = toxins or allergens or stresses. When toxins settle into a tissue area... the immune system believes it has an enemy. It will not stop believing that until the foreign elements leave. So, the first step is to detoxify the body of toxins. This includes heavy metals, allergens, etc.

    Ordering a cease-fire is only possible because of a substance called Collastin that modulates immune system response... telling the immune system to relax and not fight today... and antioxidants that police the town and stop damage from free radicals.

    Finally, damaged tissues must be rebuilt by the most effective nutrition possible. This includes a balanced approach of all... not just some of the 25,000 nutrients that the body needs. An approach that is not comprehensive ensures that real healing cannot take place.

    Fibromyalgia has been overcome by persons who apply the above tactics. There is no single magical bullet that conquers Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is developed over time as a person becomes toxic and body systems are degraded. It can be overcome by rebuilding these systems through time. While many of the body systems replicate new cells every five months, nerve cells take two years or longer. So, efforts to overcome Fibromyalgia are going to be long-term efforts (two years).


    (Note: if you are going to try any supplements, we should purchased them from (Pro Health) in order to support our message board and keep it in operaton.)

    This is meant to be just an INFORMATIONAL post, and not trying to sell anything! - jlh
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    Very interesting post! It includes much of the info/ theories we see posted here by many members. I suppose the key to proper treatment is finding a Dr. who understands the multifaceted approach that is needed for healing! It seems to me that the FFC's are using this approach. Too bad not all of us can afford their treatments! But "Yeah" for those who can afford it! Hopefully some day this treatment approach will be "mainstream".

    Thanks for posting this.

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    Good info
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    of it applies to me, some doesnt. I think it does take a multi treatment
    regime to get to feeling better. We part ways on the "almost said" cure part. I don't know of any proven cured people. If there are some that can be proved they HAD it and then don't have it PERMANENTLY I'd like to
    see them.

    Several of the things we CAN do for ourselves or with dr.s assistance. I don't go for anything that is added that the body doesn't "normally" produce it'self or that the average person wouldn't normally find in their environment for food or medicine. Exceptions are bound to exist.

    I doubt that our bodies REALLY need some of the things being pushed for FM/CFS; some things like sea coral (how many would go mining silver to eat?) etc that people wouldn't normally eat or have in their natural diets.

    My body produces or used to progesterone on it's own. Now God (I believe) decided at some point all women would stop producing a certain amount of hormones and probably for good reason. He designed the body and should know what it needs at various stages better than anyone..just like the guy that builds the car knows best what it needs.

    People who live near the oceans eat seaweed and other things that would be part of their normal diets, so I can see that. Our thyroids get diseased or don't work well, so replacing what is needed there makes sense also. Things like OLE, well? We don't know if Jesus ate the leaves but he sure ate the fruit, so maybe eating more olives and olive oil wouldn't hurt. I take the leaves too though..LOL!

    I do think it's a matter of common sense with some of this stuff though.
    IF they can figure out a way to replace certain things our bodies are low on or reducing things our bodies are too supplied with then that should be done.

    Moving our bodies and in a lot of different ways is bound to be beneficial, if it bends that way it was meant to. That we need to do it to a reduced amount of time and maybe not fully as intended is reasonable long as we keep moving. Once we give in and lay down, everything starts working less efficiently, muscles atrophy and etc we need to do all we can to stay upright
    as much as possible and prone as much as needed too.

    Today they announced that sleep disorders may in some cases cause blindness, having to do with that circadian sp??! time system our bodies go by for time to sleep and not to sleep. So we need to get enough sleep and at times we feel are the times we are best suited to. It would seem when the sun rises and sets is when our bodies would be set to sleep and be awake, but I think some aren't built that way any way.

    Our bodies do not produce NSAIDS or
    Antiseizure medications so far as I know. They do produce under normal situations opiods however. Ours don't
    produce enough of those or Dopamine it seems. I'll leave that there.

    Certain people and certain races don't metabolize lactose well, but that's not everyone. Maybe something has gone wrong in FM/CFS patients to cause the same thing, is anyone sure of that? I imagine studies show it I just haven't seen them.

    I haven't checked on the other things to see if our bodies produce them or how much etc..though I know the growth hormones are body produced in normal people. The arguement seems to be whether they have figured out how to replace our lack of them closely enough to the natural ones or not. I haven't looked into that much yet. Or the Substance P problem, but I will.

    So I do agree with much of the article and some I don't. We each have to pick and choose what we agree with or find a doctor that can convince us that he/she has enough proof that something helps. In the meantime we can just hope research continues and not just in pain relievers but the core problems.

    People seem to point to Job when they say suffering somehow is good for us.
    I'm not going to get religious here but remember WHO gave him the pain and illness and WHO took it away and
    many times over returned blessings. It is not the intention of a loving kind Father to have his children suffer to learn something. That was to PROVE something, not learn something. Nor to appreciate things from suffering, since things were already being enjoyed before the experience. JMHO!

    I guess all I'm saying is we each have to take what we can feel good about out of all these "theories" and
    kick aside the rest. Do the very best
    we can and we're doing all we can for
    now. Hugs, Bambi
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    I think you certainly did make a thorough evaluation of this article!

    Thanks for your informative input!

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    ....really appreciate the time you take to post info thats relates. This had some really interesting points. I really appreciated the point about how just stretching can help reduce the amt of lactic acid in the muscles. That motivates me to stretch, even though I personally can not do any excercise whatsoever w/o immediately going into a flare no matter what I try.

    I guess I can give stretching a go. Better than nothing I guess. We'll see what happens.


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