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    what it is called and it is a body condition in which we have severe allergies to our environment,meds,foods,molds,pollens,purfumes etc,and is caused primarily by overacidic body tissues,ineffective bowel,liver,colon,kidney and bladder elimination,resulting in a sluggish toxic overloaded organ system and acidic body tissues.This creates a mucos condition and allergies which can manifest itself in numerous allergic reactions.When I was first diagnosed with FM/CFS my allergies were severe as so many of us with FM/CFS have.I had chronic pharyngitis, hay fever and sneezing fits that would last for hours as well as chronic sinusitis.So what did I do about this problem?I learned through a test called a Biological Terrain Assessment available through many naturopaths how my internal environment was doing.Needless to say it was a disaster.Look on the ACAM(American College for the Advancement of Medicine)list on the net for Dr.'s in your area who practice integrative medicine and offer this test.Through an alkaline diet,soil based organisms,carrot and green juices,alkaline fruits,sound nutritional herbal,vitamin and mineral supplements,pure spring or distilled water in quantities close ot half my weight in ounces daily,as well as getting my bowels eliminating at least 2-3 times daily essentially eliminated all chronic allergy conditions.I no longer have problems with my allergies.It is so fantastic but takes lots of work.

    I hope this will be of help as,many who do to our FM/CFS have brutal allergies.

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