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    My mom has short tem memory loss. We ty to allo as much independence as possible. I am concerned about the future where she may be out driving and forget how t get home. Is there any type of tracking devie available for her person, not just her car? Thank you.
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    I saw one of these devices advertised on TV not long ago,,,don't recall the name of it but it is supposed to work up to a 2 mile radious and now they have the life alert necklaces that seniors can wear around their necks to call for help if needed ,,,,,hope this was of help,,,try going to ebay and typing in as seen on tv in thier search box,,,,,,,S
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    I so appreciate that you want to give her independence. Besides the problem that she can get lost with short term memory loss, her doctor ultimately should be the person who decides whether she drives or not, how much she drives, what times of the day she drives.

    When I hit my head and developed some cognitive function problems, I will be driving to my doctor's office and sometimes my brain will go blank as to where the doctor's office is located. I know exactly where I am, I know the names of the streets, how to get home and back, but have no idea where the doctor's office is located (even though I have been there over 30 times).

    I pull off into a McDonald's or Burger King to get something to drink and I then sit in the parking lot and I do deep breathing exercises to maintain full relaxation, then I get the notebook from the back of my car that has detailed driving instructions to all locations I go. NOTE: The doctor told me that as a result of this "block" I get in memory, I was to reduce the amount of my driving, not drive at night and try to avoid driving during rush times. This is why her doctor should be consulted and told.

    I obeyed the doctor, reduced my driving and everything is going well, but I still get this memory block from time to time and the doctor has noticed no increase in the memory block so I maintain my drivers license. BUT, the doctor has the right to have the license revoked.

    This is why it is important to let her doctor know and let the doctor set down certain rules she must follow so driving is not hazardous for her. The doctor will re-evaluate, which is good, and keep her safe.

    The problem with short term memory is her remembering to wear any device you get for her. The only sure thing you could do is GPS her car. Thank you for caring so much about her. Good luck and many hugs.
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    This is just my opinion but if she forgets where she is how do you know she won't forget how to drive? Will she know what side of the road to stay on? Would she know not to pull out in front of on moving traffic? With short term memory loss wouldn't she forget more than where she is at the moment? I would consult her doctor and find out if it is time for her to stop driving period. We stopped our mom from driving before the doctor did for her own safety.