How to live on SSDI

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kellygirl, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I have been living with a man that is chronically depressed, but we stay together as roomies.

    It's a lonely existence and I have kept his secret for 30 years, that he is celibate, which makes me celibate. He keeps saying he will talk to the doctor but never does.

    I have had opportunities but when it is discovered I am "married", and also my children wouldn't approve, I do without the affection of a partner.

    My husband is distant with his children and relatives also, but likes to go to work, comes home and sleeps til he does it again the next day. He has apnea, has been told about having depression, but does not want to treat it. He talks about interacting more with his kids but never does, unless invited to be somewhere, I keep him informed what the family is doing, even his own relatives.

    My question is how would I survive on SS disability. How do you do it? and I know I can get a divorce for alienation of affection. What would he be required to pay?

    We live in a mobile home in a mostly retirement community. We live very simply.


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    I don't know how to move on......any suggestions?

    I have a sister living on disability and her kids help her out. My other sister said she expects her and I to be living together someday, that is an option.

    I choose to live in an apt. nearby for disabled and the elderly, but how to start?
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    Thanks.....I need to get advice from an attorney, I realize first, which is pretty scary.
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    I've always been about change and I live in a mobile home park with mostly retired/disabled. I don't have that much to change except moving, figuring out health insurance (I have good dental and eyeglass with his insurance), car upkeep, etc. things that are helps that my sister is familiar with the system, too.

    I need to find an attorney and gather up my courage.
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    My heart goes out to you. I can't give advice, but want to let you know you have my support in whatever you decide.

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    As far as knowing one another....I won't go into it, but yes we were different ppl then and I needed "rescuing" and he did, too. We came from similar type families, dominant mothers, emotional abuse.

    I was Catholic and pregnant.

    I was taught as a woman that I take what I get and know your place. Be grateful he's not at a bar and goes to work and comes home.

    We decided along the way to go to counseling. He didn't like it and I embraced it.

    But, I found I can't judge someone, I don't know what their issues are. I just need to figure my own self out.
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    Right now I'm dealing with a flare-up with caring for my grandson, but the sun is shining for the next few days and that should feel good to get out to the park.

    I stay busy outside the home a lot, which helps.