How to lose weight when you can't exercise?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    I know this may seem like a stupid question, but seriously, I can not lose weight unless a lot of exercise is involved.

    Years ago, as I have mentioned quite frequently, I was on Paxil and Elavil. I put a total weight of 100 pounds from these drugs. I was not overweight before taking these drugs.

    I went through a tough time trying to convince the doctors that it was the drugs that were making me overweight. After struggling with them, I just went off of them. The withdrawal effects were horrendous, BUT, I did lose weight without even trying when I got off of them.
    I lost about 20 as soon as the drugs were stopped, the rest of the weight I had to lose on my own, which at the time was much easier than now.

    This was back in 2000. At that time, I was able to start an exercise program to lose the rest of the weight. I was able to walk about 45 minutes a day, pretty good for having FM. I also changed my eating habits as well, but it wasn't a drastic change, the exercise is what did it, I'm convinced.

    I managed to lose about 70 pounds of this weight which took almost 3 years. In 2005 I got a very stressful job in a hospital which ironically, I do move a lot, but it's not the same as a cardio walking program. I also developed severe bursitis in both of my hips which travel down my legs to my knees. It is imposssible for me to come home from work now and be able to walk the way I did. Unfortunately, I put back about 40 of the 70 pounds I lost since 2005.

    I am frustrated, angry, that my body just will not let me do this anymore. Controlling my eating habits are just not enough anymore, and I find myself wanting to eat out of frustration and comfort from my pain issues.

    Gaining so much weight from the drugs just put me in a horrible position because now I have to battle this on-going weight problem on top of fatigue and pain. I cry a lot. I long for my 130 pound body that I had most of my adult life not just because I looked better, but because I felt better with less weight. Thanks for listening. Hugs, Chelz.
  2. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I would also like to see how others are losing weight. Maybe we should go over to the weight loss board.

    I want to join Weight Watchers, but right now I can not afford the $39.00 until next month.

    Anyone else?

  3. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    .. or very low carb, is generally the fastest way to lose weight. Not that i've needed it, i need the opposite, im very underweight!

    However, extremely low carb diets are generally the quickest way to lose weight, if you can do them. Keeping carbs under 20grams a day puts you into ketosis, which burns the fat off your body, excercise or not.

    Generally you eat lots of protein in the form of meat, fish & other seafood, chicken, eggs etc, and limit to low carb veggies, no fruit.

    Avoid these veg:

    Potatoes in all forms (including yams)
    Winter Squashes (particularly acorn and butternut)

    Most others are very low carb, especially greens. Can include any herbs and spices in cooking.

    You may already know this stuff, or aren't able to do this sort of diet for some reason. However it works faster than anything else that doesnt require excercise. You can look up the atkins diet or just low/no carb info on google.

    This diet also kills most of the bad gut bugs including candida which is an added bonus. I'd love to do this diet myself but am far too underweight. I actually wish I had weight to be ABLE to do this diet!

    Take care.

  4. ANGELEO728

    ANGELEO728 New Member

    I was diagnosed in Jan of 08 and have gained 50 lbs since being put on a regimen of pills that are suppose to help with my pain and the depression. Well, now I hurt more because of the weight and I'm more depressed because of the weight. I have thought of quitting my meds too. Even my doctor says it's the meds that are the problem.

    I'm at a loss on what to do. I hurt too bad to do strenuous exercise, which at one time I was addicted to ironically. I'm fat and I hurt. So that makes me a fat grumpy woman!!! Everyone loves that.....

    Anyway, i feel ya babe, just hang in there and pray they find a cure for us.

  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I don't know if this would work for everyone, I'm no expert but I've lost weight recently and I can tell you how and why I did it.

    About 2 years ago I was dx borderline diabetic but when I started testing my blood glucose levels they were horribly low. This put me in a tailspin of having to learn how to eat properly to help my body function.

    Also, anyone who has this disease (FM) should be eliminating processed/chemically altered foods from their diet and stick with more natural foods.

    I had already discovered that eating an apple for breakfast curbed my carb cravings and I wasn't hungry for hours. This is how I start my day.

    But..... I eat every 2 hours on the dot because of my low blood sugar.

    I have alarms set on my laptop to help me remember that it's snack time too.

    I eat another piece of fruit at 9:00am, lunch is at 11:00 which is a small serving of anything I choose, (yesterday I had lunch out and had a cheeseburger/fries but couldn't finish it) another snack at 1:00 (fruit) same at 3:00. Dinner is at 5 and again, is anything anybody else eats, but the servings are small because I am NEVER hungry.

    For my blood sugar issues, I have to stack carbs at night so I don't have to wake up to eat so I usually have some Chex mix, maybe a Clementine tangerine or 2 (have you ever tried these? they're wonderful) and I always have 3 Peppermint Patties before bed. Often some cashews or almonds as well.

    Before this dx, my shopping cart had one small corner of fresh fruits and veggies and the entire rest of the cart was processed crap and frozen foods along with chips overflowing. I never would have guessed that I'd ever change my eating habits in this way but since I don't deprive myself of any food, it works for me.

    These are the foods that nature intended for us to eat....I read recently that if your Grandma wouldn't recognize something as food, don't eat it....makes sense.

    My daughter has gained over 100 pounds due to medications and just yesterday agreed to have me serve her foods, eat when I eat and I'm so excited for her. I think it's virtually impossible to not lose weight eating this way....and our bodies need the servings of fruits and veggies as well.

    After you begin to change your diet you'll be surprised at how quickly your body adjusts to the different foods and you won't crave the carbs anymore. I spent most of my adult life under 120 pounds and ate crap like crazy because I never gained weight from it...but it ruined my body on the I do understand carb cravings and eating crap foods constantly.

    I hope this can help of luck.



    Also, so many other foods will work for others on the snack times...yogurt, chopped veggies snack choices are geared to me and my hypoglycemic needs.[This Message was Edited on 11/13/2008]
  6. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I would like to hear what others are doing as well. I've gained 50 lbs. also from the elavil (i crave chocolate at night so bad) and paxil. Plus I also take Lyrica. I'm on a very low dose, 75 mg, just enough so my feet and legs don't burn.
  7. Atlanta8

    Atlanta8 New Member

    Have you had your thyroid checked? I know you said the weight gain is down to certain meds but if you have an underactie thyroid to start with you will find it very difficult to lose weight.

    Also, I second high protein/ low carb diet. At first you might feel rotten but as you blood sugar levels even out you'll start to feel the benefits.
  8. hensue

    hensue New Member

    i use to be overly active and size6 and 8 i am 5 8 so walked and ran and swam. cleaned house at night. worked all day with 2 boys. Was exhausted the whole time. stayed on high protien diet.
    got the fibro immediately my weight went up 60 lbs. i was hurting they also put me on zoloft.
    Which help my nerves but not pain enough. so when i went to emory clinic they changed it to wellbutrin sr 150 mgs twice a day and something for sleep. I had more energy this was a horrible drug to get use to. it finally worked and usually blocks most of my pain unless i overdo.
    Then the good part on zoloft you do crave carbs. i have never liked ice cream and stuff.
    i ate it all the time.
    Then the wellbutrin changes your taste again it was good though use to drink coffee about 2 cups a day. Things taste different dont get me wrong i need lose about 20 but nothing like the 60 extra with zolot. then everyone is different.
    all these meds affect your weight but i think the actual fibro in the beginning did.
    just a thought
  9. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    Catabolic foods burn up more calories than they supply. Catabolic foods are the opposite of Anabolic foods. For example a medium sized apple (which is catabolic), would provide an average of 85 calories, however your metabolism would require an additional 99 more calories to metabolize it. As a result, you burn calories (and hopefully fat!)

    To help maintain your weight it would be helpful to eat a minimum of ten servings of catabolic foods each day. In addition to catabolic foods one can eat proteins and other carbohydrates in moderation without gaining weight.

    The high grade catabolic foods are more effective than others. It is best to spread the consumption of your catabolics over the course of the whole day.


    Black/Blueberries Limes Pineapple Cantaloupe
    Grapefruit Oranges Plums-Damson Strawberries
    Lemons Raspberries - fresh Pears-Bartlett Watermelon

    Artichokes Celery Parsley leaves Sweet Potato
    Asparagus Cucumbers Peppers Tomato
    Broccoli Eggplant Radishes Zucchini
    Brussels Sprouts Leeks - cooked Spinach
    Carrots Lettuce


    Apples Cherries Honeydew melon Peaches
    Apricots Grapes Nectarines Tangerines

    Beans-green Cauliflower Endive Peas
    Beans-string Chives - fresh Garlic Pumpkin
    Beets Corn Onions Red Cabbage
    Cabbage Dill Pickles Parsnips Turnips

    Crabs Lobster-cooked Trevally
    Flounder Mussels Clams - cooked
    Frogs legs Shrimps/Prawns
    Cod-steaks Tuna

    Any white meat without fat
  10. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    Thank you all for responding. I know the high protein/low carb diet is the best. Unfortunately, I have such a hard time sticking to it. I will try again with this type of diet, although no promises...........the Holidays are coming, LOL.

  11. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Hi - everyone made good points. I can't exercise either due to CFIDS crashing. I started eating low carb, high protein, and very slowly started to lose weight. But also - I found it was very important not to eat after dinner. I didn't eat dessert but would have popcorn 2 or 3 nights a week. Well, I had to cut that out. If I get very hungry after dinner, will have a handful of nuts, something with protein. This works, just very slowly because I can't exercise, but it's a lot better than gaining. I had felt helpless to do anything about my weight until I discovered all this. Good luck!

  12. sascha

    sascha Member

    it probably works differently for different people. i've always carried too much weight- didn't look too large because i'm pretty tall- then i got cfids and my health deteriorated. HAD to address health aspects and move toward healthier eating.

    i DID lose weight in spite of cfids and not being able to exercise AT ALL over a 4 months period on lean proteins, no carbs, no sugar, lots of vegs and certain amount of fruits. some oatmeal, yogurt. no snacks in between meals. it turned out to work for me. everything was carefully weighed and measure (FA plan - Food Addicts in Recovery). i did not feel deprived on this plan and lost well over 30 pounds in about 4 months.

    now i'm consulting with online doctor to work toward next phase of regaining health (after course on valcyte- and now i'm on other anti-virals). now i'm having NO wheat or foods with gluten; NO sugar or dairy; lean meats, vegs, fruits, raw nuts (in moderation), rice, sweet potatoes- NO potatoes (too high-glycemic), or tomatoes, chocolate, hydrogenated oils, peanuts, corn, alcohol, soda, soy milk, fruit drinks, pork, cold cuts, bacon, hot dogs - well, no processed meats or carbs; and leaving out high-glycemic foods. this approach is to heal inflammation in my gut- is a hyper-allergenic food plan.

    i'm on a health-building mission. when i stay off the processed carbs (like i was having gluten-free rice bread and tortillas made from rice) i have learned that i do much better. refined carbs stimulate my appetite something fierce, and i am never satisfied. when i stay away from them, i'm much more relaxed about food and don't feel hungry or deprived. i'm getting back into juicing fresh vegs- that is so good.

    there is much you can do with your food plan that is very very good and satisfying and doesn't seem like dieting at all. one thing i LOVE is a daily blender drink (it constitutes a meal) made from 1 1/2 C almond milk, scoop goatein whey powder, 3 packets of stevia sweetener, half a banana or more, bunch of frozen berries (mixed kinds), carob for chocolate flavoring. heaping TBsp fresh-ground flax seeds, and 2 C water. this is put through the blender, and it is soooooooooooo good and filling and satisfying and sustains me for a long time.

    don't despair- there really is much you can do that gets you on right track and makes you feel better and doesn't pack on weight in spite of not being able to exercise. and with monitoring amounts of these foods you can find your way to losing weight over time. i know this is so because i did it. V. best of luck to you- Sascha
  13. joetonya

    joetonya New Member

    When I became fatigued from FM/CFS, my doctor put me on Adderall XR. It is a stimulant and for most people, it helps control hunger. It also helps with concentration, which most FM/CFS patients have problems concentrating due to brain fog.

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