How to lose weight with fibro/cfs???????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by masterz, May 26, 2008.

  1. masterz

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    I have been diagnosed for about 11 yrs now. I have gained weight & that just makes me feel worse. I stay "puffy" from water weight. I do take lasix to help with that. But, I would love to hear some suggestions about how to lose weight with fibro/cfs. I do not overeat. But I also don't "move" as much as I did before. I only drink water now--cut out all sweet drinks. I know I don't eat "right", but I don't consume alot of calories either.
    Please help, I just feel yucky! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for being here,
  2. msbsgblue

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    The only real thing that has ever worked for me, and yes itdoes work, is Weight Watchers. You can join online if you don't feel like going.

    I like the new one really well online, and now the foods you can eat are all the foods you normally do, just use their charts to see what you can have for the day. You start out sort of small but in a few days you are back to eating all your normal foods.

    It really does work. I have tried others to no avail. With it I normally lose about 8-10 pounds the first week, and 2-4 every week after.
  3. raven5000

    raven5000 New Member

    The only way I've ever lost weight is by cutting down carbs and increasing protein and moderate fat and eating several small meals a day. Apparently eating only once or twice a day makes your body feel like it's being starved and therefore stores everything as fat, expecting to be starved again. I've gained 70lbs in less than 2yrs, since fm became so crippling and I'm on welfare coz I can't i can't afford expensive food or a lot of food and tend to eat just junk that's on sale 10 for 10 bucks, which is the worst thing for us!

    when I lost a lot of weight, I would heat a piece of ham with cheese rolled up instead of ham sandwich..kept pecans next to me..the kind u use for baking, not the salty snack kind, that sort of thing. Forced myself to eat a small pck of live/active yoghurt in the morning...after a month of this diet the weight just started shedding off me.

    Hope that helps..I haven't been able to keep to it..can't afford it. If I get my disability, I may be able to eat properly again.
  4. sascha

    sascha Member

    (Food Addicts in Recovery)

    i lost 34 pounds and the food is very healthy- nothing bad in it.

    basically: for Phase I, the weight loss phase:
    breakfast: 1 oz uncooked oatmeal- @1 C/cooked
    6 oz. fruit (no raisins; i use part banana, part berries; sometimes frozen)
    1 protein (2 eggs/1 C fat free milk/1C nonfat yogurt)- i use soy milk (fat free) on cereal. and i use stevia for sweetener
    *oatmeal is good with the 1 C milk, and 6 oz. fruit on top, cinnamon on top, and stevia to taste.

    Lunch and Dinner: 4 oz protein from meat (or 6 oz nf cottage cheese, or 3 oz hard cheese)
    6 oz cooked vegs
    8 oz salad, w/2 Tbsp olive oil & balsamic vinegar
    1 fruit at lunch (@6 oz/one moderate sized apple... NO fruit at dinner for Phase I

    there are many variations on lunches and dinners. i like roasting meats ahead, like lamb, pork, chicken. then it's quick and easy to put a meal together. i started using Cuinsenart to quickly chop up raw vegs like cabbage, carrot, red swiss chard stems, to add to salads. i wasn't hungry when i carefully did each meal with full amounts of allowed meats, vegs, and salads.

    RULES: no sugar; alcohol, refined grains (no breads or baked things at all)(you get used to it!) No snacks between meals. eat at regular times and have full allowance of the foods. you need to use a measuring scale (digital) that shows ounces. WEIGH AND MEASURE EVERYTHING. no peas/corn.

    i met my goal weight then went to Phase II of the plan; which is adding 6 oz. carbs to L and D, one more fruit/day, and can have more cereal. i have cold cereal (whole grain, no sugar added, just one grain)(can find in health food stores) with the fruit (1/2 banana, fresh blueberries are good), 1 C NF soy milk and the stevia.

    For carbs, you can have 6 oz. potato, sweet potato, rice.

    i use spray Pam for cooking; and butter flavor spritzer sometimes when i feel like it.

    it's very simple. i liked it because i didn't have to calculate anything; and all the foods were healthy; and the rules made so much sense. the weighing and measuring worked very well for me. i couldn't cheat. well, i DIDN'T cheat.

    if you can do it in conjunction with FA organization, that's a great great help. it's based on AA steps to recovery. i couldn't do even half of their requirements because of cfids- i mean in terms of attending meetings and making phone calls, but i did meet some really great people, got lots of support, and got my Phase I accomplished- which made me feel GREAT about myself.

    i'm on my own now, and haven't gained any weight back (it has been over 4 months).

    part of approach i now use and believe in is Suzanne Somers approach, which is based on food combining. proteins and fats separate from carbs. carbs eaten with no fats. fruits separate from both the proteins and fats; or the carbs. i don't follow that part strictly, but i seem to be on a course that is working out for me. there are great cookbooks out by Somers with great recipes and ideas and encouragement.

    good luck- it does help me being lighter, and i enjoy wearing clothes so much more. Sascha

    oh- this is long- but i want to mention that now, part of my regular routine is having a yogurt blender drink for dinner. 1 C nonfat yogurt with 8 oz mixed fruits, stevia sweetener, 2 C water to thin it. now on Phase II i have increased the yogurt by a bit (1/4 C), added goatein whey powder, and a TBsp cocoa powder (organic, unsweetened), and the stevia.

    also, i didn't do it, but you can on Phase I/II substitute cottage cheese/hard cheese for the yogurt. 1 protein worth of these = 6 oz NF cottage cheese/3 oz hard cheese (in place of meat.

  5. frosty77

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    Best of luck with weight loss. I've gained 60 lbs from meds and have tried all the diets with zero weight loss (last one was 4 months of Weight Watchers - zero weight loss - very discouraging).
  6. TUDY

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    My hubbie and I have been doing the HAY DIET for 2 months now and we have both lost weight easily.
    The principle of the diet is that our stomach cannot digest starch(potatoes,rice,bread etc) with protein(meat,fish,cheese etc), so they must be eaten seperately. We have found the diet quite easy to follow and are amazed at how quick the weight is falling off.
    There is plenty info on-line about it.
    Tonight we had Roast Lemon Chicken with a big salad. Very filling and very tasty.
    For lunch we had Potato and Leek soup with wholemeal bread.
    Check out the diet, you'll be surprised at how easy it is and how much weight you lose.
    We eat 100% more salad and veg now-so must be good for us.

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