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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, May 16, 2003.

  1. JLH

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    As someone else replied to a recent post, it is easier to read post when they are not typed in all caps.

    It is also easier to read them if you separate long posts into paragraphs. It's easier on us old folks to follow the sentences that way.

    Any other tips to make posts easier for everyone to read?
  2. gottalottalove

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    I was going to write a post on this very subject this morning. I read several posts last night on supplements and the only one that didnt frustrate me was the one from Shirl. Hers was easy to follow... I am going to pass on alot of post now because it just wears me out! Thanks to Shirl who makes it so easy to get such good, much needed info. Tina
  3. sunnysideliving

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    Since the post your write is wrapped in HTML, you can you some feature to format your message:

    Here are some of the most importants (leave out the space after <, I put there to be able to show the HTML tags):

    < CENTER><CENTER>centering the text</center>< /CENTER>
    < B><b>bold text</b>< /B>
    < I>italic text< /I>
    < h1><h1>Level-one heading</h1>< /h1>
    < h6><h6>Level-six heading</h6>< /h6>
    In case you are interested in these codes, just make a search on <b>HTML guide</b>.


    PS: Please do not use <h1>BIG LETTER and H1 heading</h1> if not needed!

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  4. kredca4

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    Need to type and read in all Caps. I just try to be understanding of their situation.

    For three years I have read these kinds of post's and I have kept quite, but I really think that some of you don't realize that your Post on this subject may hurt feeling's, and send other's away, because They can't read the smll print of others post's.

    Just skip the post's and go on, that way other's wont' feel as if they don't belong here. Everyone does.

    We are also bad speller's some of us are long winded, like me, so, please try to be understanding of our difference's.

  5. JLH

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    and I doubt that any are hurt since it was just a simple suggestion of how to read posts easier.

    I figured that it is just a habit for those who type posts and replies in all caps.

    OK, now, is it a habit, or who HAS to type and read in all caps? Remember ... this is not to hurt anyone's feelings.

  6. fibrorebel

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    Just wanted to pipe in with the fact that someone already mentioned that they can only see what they have typed if it is in all caps just last week when there was another complaint about caps. To truly be conscientous about keeping the board an easy place to find support, info, and unconditional acceptance I answer in all caps if the person has posted in caps and answer in lower case if they post in lower case. Sometimes we all are so sick, foggy, or swollen that it just is plain difficult to try to communicate, but I also think that is when we need that contact the most, eh? Peace to all! love, Rebel