How to Prepare for Lyme Test?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Katy47, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Katy47

    Katy47 New Member

    Next week I'm going to have my first pathology panel done on my blood draw, to look for Lyme and a dozen other critters. I read a post or two from people who got clearer results from taking an abx beforehand. Would that be advisable?

    Any other suggestions?

  2. justjanelle

    justjanelle New Member

    regarding taking the test under "antibiotic challenge" conditions is that it requires the person to take the antibiotics for several weeks and then be off them for about 2 weeks prior to having the blood drawn.

    I've read that this can cause some of the bugs to die-off, or come out of their hiding places in the cells, and our immune systems can then attack them. This apparently shows as a stronger response on the blood tests. At least for the Lyme; I'm not sure if this is also true of the potential co-infections.

    But if you're already scheduled for testing next week, it appears there isn't time for you to go through the several weeks necessary for the challenge conditions.

    Hopefully someone else here can help you more about this. I didn't know about it myself until after I'd had my blood drawn for testing.

    Best wishes,

  3. highcotton

    highcotton New Member

    My LLMD told me to go off abx for a week prior to testing for mycoplasma and Lyme.

    It would be wonderful if all our docs and researchers could come up with definitive answers, wouldnt it.

    I wonder if Olive Leaf extract and Transfer Factors need to be omitted prior to testing as well?
  4. tvance

    tvance New Member

    We can do an energetic testing for the degree of infestation of mycoplasma and/or Lyme.

    The spirochetes can run and hide, but your subconscious mind know that they are there and it also know in -- what quantity.

    I also heard from several people on myspace that antibiotics do not kill them all and they will re-populate the body -- soon after you stop taking it. Antibiotics are very expensive and hard on the body. They kill your good bacteria that you need to digest food, etc.

    The energetic testing is a method we developed out of need at our Reiki Ranch school. We needed to know what was going on inside the body. If you have read the book: Power vs Force -- you would see how this works and it is very accurate.

    Good luck!

    If we can help -- just ask!

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