How to remove melted alum foil stuck to bottom of oven ???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Granniluvsu

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    Dummy me thought I would be good and put down some foil on the bottom of the oven to catch the drippings. Well, come to find out when I went to remove it part of it came off but a bunch is also stuck thee. Does any one have any tricks up their sleeve? I did try the sticky tape the past two days on and off which hs removed some slowly. There is still enough there bugging me. I do not want to use the oven till I can put the oven flooring back without the aluminum. Also don't think I can use the self cleaning feature with the aluminum still stuck there.

    I will never do that again. I think years ago I may have done thins with no problem but for some reason this will not come up. I tried water and some soap, since I removed the flooring. I tried rubbing it lightly with unabrasive sponges, etc. That didn't do much either.

    Would be so happy for any help in this matter. I had googled before and will try again.

    Thanks again !

  2. TigerLilea

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    I was going to suggest soaking it with water and ammonia. The ammonia will break up any grease that is on there and might help to lift the aluminum foil. Good luck!
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    TIger Lilea- Have you tried this? First of all, I do not have a place to soak it that is big enough other than a bathtub. The ammonia surely will stink up the place :)!! If I get desperate I might try it. I would have tried soaking it if my sink was big enough. That stuff surely is stuck, let me tell you ! It has like melted into the bottom of the "flooring". In the kitchen I have one small and one bigger sink but not big enough. How much ammonia would you suggest?

    I am so mad at myself - GRRRR!!!! Thanks !

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, don't be mad at yourself, Granni. It's not like you did something goofy; putting
    your cashmere sweater in the oven to dry at a setting of 400 degrees for example.

    Maybe you could get in touch with Heloise. I read she lives in San Antonio. Practically
    your neighbor. Is there a number you can find to call the manufacturer of the stove?
    Ditto the aluminum foil manufacturer?

    I don't understand how aluminum could melt in a home oven. Wikipedia says aluminum
    melts at twelve hundred degrees. Gordon uses those disposable aluminum oven liners.
    They seem pretty indestructible.

    I saw Carl Reiner on the Tonight Show decades ago. He said the only household hint
    he knew was no matter the problem, try lemon juice. Somehow I don't think that
    will help here.

    You might want to experiment with a pumice stick. I saw one ad that said you could
    use it in your oven or on grills. Another ad for the same brand said do not use it on soft
    metal. Maybe worth a cautious test.

    Good luck
  5. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Granni, if you have some old towels, get them good and wet with the water and ammonia and let them sit on the bottom on your oven for an hour or so to try and loosen up the foil. Or try spraying window cleaner on to get it good and wet and let it sit for a while. Most window cleaners have ammonia in it. If you have a plastic scrapper, try gently scraping it to see if the foil will come off after it has soaked. I didn't mean for you to take your oven apart and soak it in a bowl or a sink! :)
  6. Soul*

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    Granni did it actually melt or just got stuck to the bottom because grease came under it? If it didn't actually melt it might help to heat up your oven a little before trying to remove it. The grease will melt again and it will be easier to ge the foil out. Make sure not to burn yourself. Wait till the oven is luke warm before you try and get it out.

    I wouldn't be to happy about ammonia or chemicals inside something I cook in either. How about sodawater or vinegar?

    Don't be mad at yourself, things happen. If you can't get anything to work just put a new clean layer of aluminium foil on top of it and don't worry about it anymore.
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  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings ALL,

    TigerLilea and Soul- This is a fairly new oven and the bottom actually can come off, at least it did for me and it wasn't hard to remove.

    I went onto GOOGLE and found a blog where a lot of people were stick with the same problem. Some of course were not new posts. I took some notes as I could print it out from there at or at least I couldn't figure out how do it from there.

    The most used stuff that people mentioned was called "Naval Jelly". NO ROCK - you don't use it on your navel :)????? Crazy name for some of these things. You are supposed to put it on and apply it as many times as need after wiping off each layer scraping with a plastic spatula . I have to read the info again. There were also some other suggestions. One person even said she used Easy Off Heavy Duty cleaner but I would think that would be to harsh but she did it. I haven't tried any thing else yet.

    I got started this morning cleaning out the mess in the freezer part of the freezer/ refrig.. We had a problem with out ice maker and made a mess with ice all over the place in the freezer. The repair man is coming tomorrow so I had to clean it out . I hated to have to do it as it was a major pain.

    I already used or tried window cleaner . It may not have MELTED but most of the people on that blog seemed to think it did, maybe not but it surely is hard to get off. I will have to try and find that Navel Jelly. They say Lowes and Home Depot and maybe some other places.

    Need to check some more on PH and other places and then to see if I can do anything else to get that stuff off before I try and find that other stuff. I should have stopped using the oven after I realized it wouldn't come off but I didn't ):!!!

    Thanks for all your suggestions. If I ever get it off I will let you know.

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Leah - I forgot to mention you and your ideas. Right now I have it sitting the bathtub ( the bottom plate not the oven ):)! I put some dawn detergent that has anti greasing properties on the spots and brushed the spots with the Dawn before putting in the tub with hot and soapy water with Dawn . That is certainly not harsh . So will see if that happens.

    A pumice stick, I think while a great idea may be to harsh. They say not to use anything harsh on it due to the self cleaning coating or whatever is on there, I will take a brush to it again and then try a soft plastic spatula before having to go on a search for that Navel Jelly stuff.

    Hope you are feeling at least a little better especially with your throat and swallowing situation. How is your weather? Are you in the storm watch or warning area again?? I know there is or was another storm coming.

    Love ya,
  9. barakari

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    Hi, I work for an appliance retailer in Michigan and came across this forum thread in a google search. This is a problem that we see quite often with our customers, so don't feel as if you are alone here. Although rockgor pointed out that aluminum melts at a temperature of approximately 1200 degrees F, it is important to understand that the internal temperature of the air in the oven is not the same as the temperature of its elements that are heating it. The elements themselves can reach up to 1600 degrees F, so the foil that was lining your oven was exposed to temperatures that high, causing it to melt.

    Most brands now state in their user manuals never to put anything directly on the floor of the oven, some of them now put a big sticker on the front of the oven stating this, and in almost all cases, repairs for this problem are not covered under warranty, and require the entire enamel lining of the oven to be replaced. I have never heard of this "Naval Jelly" but it looks like heavy duty stuff that actually dissolves the aluminum and leaves the enamel intact. Keep in mind that any chemicals you put in your oven should be cleaned out thoroughly as your food can be exposed to them next time the oven is turned on and those chemicals burn off.

    From what I have read about the naval jelly, there are some fumes which is not a good sign. I will ask our manufacturer representatives if they have heard of this solution, but as of right now they do not have a tried and true method of removing aluminum that has fused to the bottom of the oven. Regardless of what the manufacturers say, I am tempted to put the jelly to the test on one of our overstock ovens that have been sitting on the shelves for years by purposely melting some foil to the bottom, and report back as soon as I can. From what I understand, if you plan on cleaning the oven with this stuff, it requires multiple applications, after each it must sit for 36-48 hours, so the oven would not be able to be used for at least a week or so. Still sounds better than paying a hefty price tag for repairs or having to buy a new oven.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Ari,

    Thanks so much for your input. I would be thrilled to find out what you have to say on this subject and if the cleaning elements would do OK on the rest of these aluminum pieces still on the bottom oven plate. Please let me know ASAP. Right now I am soaking it in my bathtub with some Dawn detergent to see if any of it would come off. My oven liner bottom came right off. It was much easier to try and work on than in the oven itself. I was scraping with a not to heavy brush and a plastic spatula. I haven't used anything abrasive as a few other people on the google blog mentioned.

    This Navel Jelly was the one that sounded to be the least harmful. It apparently still took awhile to come off and had to be repeated more than one time, scraping off as much as possible the first time, than do over until gone. Someone even used the Extra Strength Oven Cleaner on the spots which I thought we were told not to use on the self cleaning ovens.

    *****What do you have to say about doing the self cleaning with these spots still on the bottom plate and also what you find out about the Navel Jelly??

    Anxious to hear back from you as I am LOST without my oven.

    Thanks again !

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Since the bottom of the oven is removable, why not check into buying a new one (bottom, that is). It might be easier in the long run. Just chalk it up to an expensive lesson. In the meantime, if you have a little toaster oven, you can do a lot with it while your big oven is not usable. I just did a pretty big pork loin in mine. If you don't have one, they are very inexpensive unless you want a bigger one with more features.

    In any case, I wish you good luck with this.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for info Mikie. I already have been trying to find one on line. So far no luck but might have to call. I do not have a toaster oven. Good idea though. Bought some Naval Jelly yesterday and hope to put some on today to start the process. Gotta go run with DH.


  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane, et al,

    Thanks so much for your concern. I am very careful about that stuff too and DH is worse. I do not know if you saw where I mentioned that I was able to remove the bottom with very little trouble.. Therefore, I am doing this outside on the garage floor with the garage door open most of the time other than night time or if weather gets bad. I have also tried to find my oven bottom plate replacement on line. So far I have not been able to find it but I would think they would be selling it if the bottom comes out so easily. If I have to I will call , if I need to.

    This stuff actually removes rust but found quite a few people on that blog when I googled who had used the Naval Jelly. When I told the guy in Home Depot about the Naval Jelly and told him what I wanted it for, he said let us know if it works for you. Obviously they have had others come in ask if they had something to fix that awful problem. I also used rubber gloves which they said to use too.

    So far I have the one coat on and they said to leave on for at least 24 hrs or move and more might be needed. So, I tried to put it on fairly think like they said. This stuff is not easy to work with. It is sort of a gooey pink thick concoction. It is hard to get a thick layer on it .

    Thanks to you all for all your ideas and suggestions. I appreciate it so very much and I take what you all say seriously. I will definately let you know how it turns out.

    Lots of love and hugz to you all,
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, how goes the foil removal effort? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you reminded me MIKIE, I need to go out and check it again. There were only a few little specs left that were being persistent.

    When DH leave to go to his meeting/lunch I need to go check it and then if all done , wash it good. I wish I didn't have to go out and plant those flowers that DH bought the other day. There is also the other half of the posts to paint but may not get that done till after our trip.

    I will get back to you all when it is all finished. It looks like I am o the last stretch and will be so glad to get my oven so I can cook again. I really missed it. So used to using it for certain things although I can also use the stove too.

    More later. Going to check the Porch and then off to work I go - Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's off to work I go :)!! Not my idea of fun but we don't have the $ to have it done, the painting part anyway. Gotta go play in the dirt now.

    Hugz to all - Freida, Diane and everyone else too to have inquired.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, your post reminded me of one of my favorite bumper stickers--"I Owe, I Owe, It's Off To Work I Go."

    When you're painting, just keep thinking of all the $$s you are saving. I get great pride out of doing things myself, especially if I'm saving a bundle. Unfortunately, I'm getting too old to do any big projects anymore. Oh well, good thing most of it is done.

    Love, Mikie
  17. why me

    why me Member

    Did the naval jelly work? If it gets on the unmarked oven tray, does it harm the finish? I cannot believe I did this on the very first day of my new oven!
  18. why me

    why me Member

    Did you follow up with the manufacturer? I am beside myself that I did this to my brand new oven.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Why Me -Have you tried anything at all yet? Go to Home Depot or Lowes, and buy NAVER JELLY (which is actually used to eliminate rust) or some places like that and keep put it on as thick as you can and let it dry and sit there for 24-48 hours. I put mine outside in the garage so there were little fumes. Then scrape it off with something non abrasive if you can and get off as much as you can. Repeat until all is gone. It may take quite a few applications. When it is clean of all the aluminum wash it good with hot water and soap. I will never do that again.l If I use foil it will not be on the bottom floor of the oven. Actually I gave up on two little tiny spots which I am not even sure that they are still there since I put it back in the oven. The spots were very tiny.

    Hope this helps you. Don't feel badly as many of us have done the same thing. Had no idea that this would happen to the oven putting foil on the floor bottom. It did work after about a week of this !!!

    Good luck !

  20. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    This isn't an answer but instead it's a question about aluminum foil and ovens in general. I always use heavy'duty foil because that's what I can buy a Sam's Club and it's a good price per square foot. I'll used regular strength if all I have to do is cover a pot . I always hesitated to put either strength right under a casserole dish or whatever because I was afraid it would change the temp in the bottom of the dish and burn down there while baking /heating the top and middle. Am I being overly cautious?

    This is what I do if I'm thinking about buying pretty much anything these days. The manufacturers of Sonicare make a zillion models. I thought a lot of them overlapped and chose one because i was at a nearby store. I wish I had read the reviews - the on/off button is placed inconveniently and sometimes I turn the brush off accidentally. So whatever you're thinking about buying, check amazon first because almost everything is reviewed. If you have a smart phone (which I don't), you can go into a store and see what they've got and check online for comments. I use my PC and if type in something like product whatever ratings, or reviews and see what comes up. The comments will even tell what their experiences with problems and customer service. If you're here, you can use a computer, so you might as well draw on the experiences of hundreds of others, esp if there are consistent bad things.

    BTW, doctors, dentists, etc are also getting reviewed online.