How to rest when resting is not possible

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KMD90603, Feb 2, 2007.

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    I'm having a very difficult night tonight. I feel terrible right now, and it's because I overdid it majorly tonight. I had off from work and school yesterday, which felt great. Then today I woke up bright and early to go feed the dogs at my parents' house while they are awake. I went straight from there to school at 8pm. Then I was in school until 12 and went right to work until 4pm. I fought rush hour traffic to pick up my son from daycare, then went to feed the dogs again. I got home a little after six, and I have to go back to my parents' house again later tonight to let them out. Thankfully, my husband is going to go let them out tonight so that I don't have to go. But then tomorrow I have to study and work. My husband is great and is going to take care of the dogs again tomorrow and also take JJ to basketball practice.

    I just worry because I know my body is telling me to rest, but there's just too much to do and I feel like I cannot afford to rest. My glands are still swollen...sometimes painful, sometimes not. My throat is constantly hurting and I feel feverish almost 24/7. I just don't understand how I went from almost complete remission to feeling like I'm dying. So, what does someone do when they just don't have the time to rest?

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    Unfortunately, I have to rest because the stress of going and going non-stop is what triggered my disease in the first place. We sold our house and are now renting because I had to quit my job. I had to downsize so that I could rest. Sorry that I don't have a more uplifting suggestion. I have a 2 year old boy, so I know how hard it is to work and raise a child at the same time.

    Hugs back, ask2266
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    Have you tried the supplements responsible for making energy (ATP) in your body? I was pretty much crashing every day until I started taking them. I've been taking them everyday since Nov and things have really been looking up since then. They are:

    magnesium (glycinate, taurate or malate, NOT oxide)
    acetyl l carnitine
    coq10 (oil based gel cap)

    Here's the article I read that explains them;

    I'm assuming you have eliminated all junk from your diet, as it's very hard on your body to make energy and have to process a bunch of garbage at the same time. Eat lots of veggies, boiled in chicken broth for taste if you don't like them. A good vitamin and mineral supplement from the health food store will go a long way.

    best wishes,

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    I am so sorry you have so much on your plate. You sound like such a trooper and it is very admirable.

    To rest: I just sit in a chair for about fifteen minutes and keep my eyes closed. I rotate my head around and then rest.

    It seems to help me continue with the day.

    You take good care.


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