How to STAY awake!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HuggyMummy, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. HuggyMummy

    HuggyMummy New Member

    during day, that is.

    Doc has told me I must not sleep during day - BUT I am almost falling asleep while typing, bec I'm so flipping tired! Not allowed caffeine, either!

    Any ideas??

    Ts. Ruth
  2. IgotYou

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    I get up and take a walk and drink unsweetened iced tea all afternoon. Sometimes it helps, but not always. If you're eating sweets or wheat at lunch, that's probably not helping. I stay awake better on a high protein lunch. Also, if you can get cold it can help.
  3. HuggyMummy

    HuggyMummy New Member

    I always try to eat high protein lunch and did today. This is since I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 20+ yrs ago, after have terrible dizzy spells every afternoon. I was eventually hospitalized, and given a 6hr GTT! This dx is another that was and is rarely given in UK, so I count myself blessed to have got that. Not that they gave me any advice about what to do about it, other than 'eat an apple!' Had to research and teach myself, as usual:0

    Have ended up laying on the floor relaxing, and trying to stay awake at same time. Got several phone calls, which were all 'wrong numbers' - blessing in disguise!

    Doc told menot to have tea as well! Not that I can actually drink it anyway. For some reason it makes my tum hurt like crazy. Have thought about cold flannels,etc. May well come to that:)

    Thanks again
  4. IgotYou

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    If you're adverse to tea, maybe try munching on something cool and cruncy like celery or other raw vegetables. A very minty gum also works. I don't recommend chewing on ice, though, because I cracked a molar doing that! But crushed ice could work. I find I need something to shock me awake - that's why cold and crunchy (noisy) work for me. I use the same tricks when driving! Caffeinated drinks upset my stomach, too, and I haven't found a solution to that one. If you type at home, maybe you can listen to some loud active music, unless it distracts you from your work.

    By the way, now I see in your first post you mentioned not having caffeine - stupid brain fog made me forget that as soon as I read it. Sorry for the iced tea suggestion. Although I think any cold drink might help!
  5. victoria

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    Like CoQ10, NADH, or ginseng? Look at the protocols for supplements the doctors like Teitlebaum have on this website -- they really make a difference for me. Also talk to your doc about maybe trying B12 shots.