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    I've been reading the message boards for a short while. While i don't have a positive diagnosis for fibro my physician is finally thinking i may have it...I have had a lot of problems with my neck and shoulders and tight muscles for 10 yrs..Sometimes with inflammation and sometimes with just a low grade pain that doesn't seem to go away with meds or stretching...I have tried various exercise regimens over the years---only to start and stop...The last one was aerobic in nature with raising your hands above your head---but i heard some nasty crunching in my shoulders which made me concerned so i stopped..I keep looking for things to try and do---i continue to be able to work but realize i need a lot more rest than i did in the past...I do have an appt to see a rheumatologist in the near future...I had seen one 10 yrs ago who didn't think my labs looked great (high ANA titer but nothing that pointed to a definite cause or reason) and monitored them with the thought that once this develops into something we'll know what we're up against..

    My question is how do you keep yourself motivated to keep going on and keep moving without feeling sorry for yourself ? It seems like i am stuck in a rut----being single and not knowing a lot of is hard to make plans other than show up for work...I can't seem to find an exercise regimen that i can stick with that doesn't sound horrible when my body does it...

    Just looking for some suggestions---thanks for listening..

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    a water exercise program might be what you need to help keep body flexible and meet friends..arthritic foundation has one called gentle is usually at a health center or hospital 6 weeks for $ might enjoy it so much you may want to teach it someday
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    number one is pacing,get that right and you will last a lot longer in a day.

    two do something for you,i think your first post back mentioned swimming,i go dog training as thats my big thing.

    although while on honeymoon i swam a lot and realised how much i missed it and can get out of it.

    dont think of what you do as excercise as that conjures up images of sweaty men on treadmills and extra pain.

    think of what you know you can do and then do half, that way you will have energy to get home and get on w/your day.

    put yourself first.
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    I just bought a Needak tramp with a stabilizer bar. I didn't feel well enough to go to a club (and I don't want too) with my Needak I control the exercise progam I'll only health bouncing my feet don't leave the mat, for one min every other hour or so to start-I can slowly up the beat when I'm ready or slow it back down if I feel bad.
    It is helping me in the motivation department as I feel better after I use it. It's not helping me with my spelling! My rebounder is very soft and doesn't hurt my bones ect.. But I'm starting very slowly as I'm in bad shape. I don't beleive in the saying "No pain NO gain" it's simply not true we can have gain without throwing more pain in our lifes.
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    HI all,

    Thanks for your replies to my inquiry..Many good comments and thoughts that i really hadn't come across before...So it will do me good to think of them as i wind my way thru all this...

    Hope all is going well for all of you :)