how to stop a cold

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    I read this a couple of years ago on the net and waited until time came to try it and it works! I have knocked out 3 colds so far with this method.

    As soon as you feel the first sign of a tickle in your throat, do this:
    Lie down on your side and pour some hydrogen peroxide in your ear. Let is fizzle out (5-7 minutes) and then do the other side. That's it!

    I usually take some echinacea or other immune system support supplement, too, just in case but this is supposed to work by itself. Germs find their way to the ears and it's the perfect environment for them to multiply while being left alone.

    But you have to do it at the very beginning. If you wait a day or so, it won't work. One time, I let the tickle go because I had cheated and eaten some bread (I have gluten intolerance) and I figured it was the next day and it was just the allergic reaction I get from bread. But the next day, I had a full-fledged cold and I did the peroxide anyway, but it didn't work.

    When we moved to the Dominican Republic, my husband thought he was coming down with something so we bought some hydrogen peroxide. I poured it in his ears and he said it was burning and poured it out. Then I took a good look at the bottle and realized the bottle I picked up was 9% H2O2 instead of the usual 1% I was used to in the states. So we diluted it with water and used it. Just FYI for other countries, might want to check the concentration.

    happy holidays!

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    not for a cold. Never heard that before, but come to think about it I don't get a lot of colds. THANK GOD for that! I wonder if that is what has kept me from getting one. I will try to pay more attention. It stops my ears from itching.

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    I've read that too, on Dr. Mercola's website. May also work for the FLU. I haven't tried it, but I rarely get a cold and don't think I've ever had the flu. Next time, I will try it and let you all know. Thanks for the info.
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    i havent had one in about 5 yrs if you spray saline salution in your nose everyday it kills the germs so you never get one and it is cheap charlene