How to treat with no money???

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    I have been diagnosed with this about four years ago. Had problems for years before that. And was so busy with college, boyfriend, work, planning a wedding, being married, to really look into treating this. Tried a few different doctors and therapists but none of them were any help. And any therapy I tried out, found out my insurance won't cover it at all. Being a newly wed this year, and all the problems we have had with jobs and money, we literally only have enough for bare necessities, rent, food, student loan, medicines (I have several different disorders and diseases) I know exercise and eating healthy is important and I tried to do this as much as possible. But the pain and fatigue are getting worse, especially connected to my other health problems. A couple of months ago I literally could not even walk, and still by the end of the day my legs are burning in pain. Any advice, thoughts? I know basics of treating this, but haven't had time or energy to do much research since figured out I had this. I have tried Lyrica, several different pain pills, anti-depressants, eating healthy, etc, what else is there to do? I have too much to do as having to help provide income, and being a wife and housekeeper! Please any help would be great!
    Thank you,
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    I have repeatedly said this. There are sites online to get free meds, even go to the sites of the meds you take or need.

    There are food banks to get your food without paying for it, and look to see if your state has Angel Ministries.

    There are many resources out there you just have to do your own searches.
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    When my husband and I were first married I could not work and he was still in University. I was able to get almost all of my meds for free through the patient assistance programs that each of the drug manufacturer's had (just went to thier website to get the forms).

    The drugs that I couldn't get from this way I got from RX Outreach where you pay a "co-pay" type amount for 3 months worth of drugs, my highest was $30 for 3 months.

    There is also Partnership for Prescription Assistance which is very helpful.

    I paid for my doctor's visits out of pocket but they were nice enough to give me a deal now and then cause they knew my situation. They also gave me free samples whenever they could.

    There are charities in every state that help with basic necessities if you call them. Every state has food banks, they should be listed on the internet.

    We used an assistance plan with out electric/gas company to help pay utilities.

    There is a lot of help out there. The internet is a good place to start.
  4. hi all,

    i too am having to make cutbacks because of the higher utility bills and food prices.

    i can only work part time because of the chronic fatigue episodes.

    and my hubby is on statins due to having had a heart attack years ago.

    he gets forgetfull and isnt able to work full time else he tires easily.


    i tell myself this..

    use a mp3 player with a natural sounds,file on it.

    i dont like added music,and i find thunder and rain,or the ocean waves,very calming.

    and so i get off to sleep naturally and dont need to buy sleeping medication.or drug myself up with nerve pills.


    ive gone to a cheaper cranberry juice,its not as affective as my regular one,but i cant afford my regular one now,sadly.


    go to a fruit and vegetable store and buy a piece of raw ginger root.

    this lasts me a week and only costs 65 eases my stomach disscomfort.


    drink very cold water, in moderation.

    this makes the bladder work,so i dont need to take meds to MAKE IT WORK.stop the water drinking a few hours before going to work and bed though.


    if your family are getting very moody,take yourself off to a different room,and watch a dvd or read a book.just switch your brain off from their moaning,

    they have a problem,not you.

    im no trouble to no one,never have been.


    i cant replace my usual foodstuff with cheaper brands,unless the cheaper brands have stated that they contain no E numbers.(artificial colours and preservatives.

    so food makers,,please take the E numbers out of your like to try your brands,really i would.


    i have found that since i started drinking purple grape juice,once a day.

    and eating the raw ginger root daily,im not having too much pain in my body,and my stomach seems settled.

    im having no migraines,so thats great news.although i see bright flashes of light in my eyes still,at times.


    im thinking of trying pumpkin seeds again,but maybe drinking the juice from them,when they have been steeped in boiling water for 15 mins.

    instead of actually eating the seeds.they cost 65 pence for a small packet,and last a week.

    they seemed to ease inflamation in the ribcage and feet.

    and made my psoriasis go away from my finger/toe nails.

    it came back when i stopped the pumpkin seeds.


    thats all i can say as regards affordable things that help keep my body ticking over better.

    ill add more if and when i remember what they are,but i think ive covered the main things that i use for my fibro/M.E./CFS.

    i do have to take a one a day allergy tablet,but it costs £3.95p,and lasts me for one month,so thats affordable to me.

    its called LORATADINE 10MG tablets.they are none drowsy.

    love fran

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    so im glad you posted this but i am sorry you are having this problem.
    i have tried soo many things from herbal to liquid health drinks to whatever-
    and i still had to go to the pain patch fentynal.
    without it i know without a doubt i would be insane with pain.
    i have tried all the new meds that come out and now i sleep-
    ( or try to-)
    on 2 feather bed thingies that go on my mattress.
    i did all the injections in tender points and massages, and nurologists suggestions and well..
    .i am now 53 and have had all this junk for so many years i forget.
    i pray that who ever is looking for real into this nightmare diesese will find us help soon.
    to have no more pain and some energy
    would be such a blessing!!
  6. rachelbabe86

    rachelbabe86 New Member

    Thank you for your reply!
    I have question concernign what you told me? I spent hours upon hours, I think either end of last year, or beginning of this year looking into getting help with my meds, I could not find any companies that would help cause I have health insurance, I almost want to get off my health insurance just to get some meds. My parents are still paying my medical insurance cause they know I can not afford to get off it, or to pay for it right now, so that's has been very helpful! But the insurance sucks, doesn't cover much for meds, and I haven't found any company that would help if you have insurance. Do you know of any? I do get samples for a lot of my meds from doctor, which is helpful, but have not found one med at all to help my fibro.
    As for food, I have a really strict diet so most of my food I could not get from a food bank, but my church leader has been really helpful, and we have gotten food from the church that my husband can eat. I can eat the fruits and veggies from them, thats about it. But it saves $50-100 a month to get the food for him. Anyway, let me know if you know of any med help you can get with having insurance.
  7. rachelbabe86

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    Thank you for your message. As I wrote in another reply. I have tried to get med help, spent hours going through sites online, couldn't get any cause I have health insurance. My parnets pay for my health insurance right now cause we can't afford it, and they know I can't afford to lose it, even though with all the help out there without insurance I almost feel it would be cheaper without insurance :p But also a lot of places won't take you without it. Do you know of any of these med help companies that will help even with insurance, cause my insurance is crappy and doesn't cover much on meds.

    I am in the same boat, I have some great doctors who will give me samples, or will research to find me cheap meds, I just got $330 worth of inhaler from my doctor just the other day (three months worth) And my doctor appointments we pay $25 co-pay and my parents and a little from my insurance pays the rest. So that helps. But again as poor as we are 2-4 appointments a month add up.

    Plus I have not found any meds that have helped my fibro anyways to take.

    Anyways, Thanks for the tips, I will look into more what I can find to help us. Evil gas prices are eating us up :(
  8. rachelbabe86

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    Thanks for your ideas and reply and help. I have never heard of fentynal, what is it? Is it a prescription, whats the cost? What does it do and help? I am definitely willing to pay a little for some relief, just don't have much extra right now, especially for the expensive cost of trial and erros, my parents have spent thousands through the years on my medical care doing this process!
  9. rachelbabe86

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    Thank you for all the advice. I'm too tired to reply to it all right now, but will write it all down later today or tommorow, and try to reply to it tomorrow! Off to go rest my poor arms and back now :p Have a great day!
  10. dragon06

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    Is a heavy narcotic pain reliever. Yes you need a prescription and it can be pricey depending on how much your insurance covers.

    If you have insurance but don't have good drug coverage you can get help from the Walgreens has a Walgreens prescription card to help with prescription costs and I think RX Outreach and PPaRX might still have some programs that could help you but I am not sure.
  11. Peace77

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    What are your tried and true basic supplements. I'm trying to get a regimen again. Any advice would help. Thanks, Peace
  12. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    Look it up online. It's free energy healing. Better than any supplement I have tried and I've tried them all.
  13. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    You have a lot going on.

    When I had to use the pharmaceutical discount, my doctor filled out the papers. It helped a lot.

    Fortunately, now I have good health insurance.


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