How to watch October 29/30 CFS Federal meeting (CFSAC)

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    Please test your computers as below and get ready to watch next Thursday and Friday!

    Please watch even if you are outside the US!

    For people who are unable to watch live, the meeting will be archived and likely be available later on.

    More people watching will make it likely CFSAC meetings continue to be broadcasted live. If you can't watch the whole thing, just have your computer run it while you do something else.

    I suspect fireworks as the public comment section was filled up early on and XMRV will be discussed along with CDC plans.

    Broad-Brush Agenda Posted for Oct 29-30 CFS Advisory Committee Meeting - Will be Webcast Live
    October 18, 2009

    HHS has posted an agenda for the CFSAC meeting in Washington DC, NEXT Thursday & Friday, Oct 29 & 30, 2009. Detail is sparse, but many suggest this event may mark a new chapter in ME/CFS research, and the world is invited to watch it all, live.

    To Access and Print the Agenda…

    The Event Will be Videocast Live on the Web…
    Starting at 9:00 Thursday EDT (at
    For the time where you live, use the World Clock Time Zone Converter

    To Prepare in Advance for Viewing the Archived Videos…
    • You will need to have RealPlayer installed, and you can download the latest version in advance at
    • You can test your computer and network connection at

    Topics Clearly Indicated in the Agenda…
    • Dr. Daniel Peterson, MD, from the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, will give a presentation starting at 10:15 am on Oct 29 on “XMRV Association with CFS.”
    • Dr. David S. Bell, MD, will Speak on “CFS and FII/MBP” – the issue of suspected “fabricated and/or induced illness in children/Munchausen by Proxy” as it relates to ME/CFS - at 3:30 pm
    • Three public comment time slots, two on day 1, the third on day 2.

    Several Time Slots for “Committee Discussion” are Listed for Both Days…
    Though no topics are specified. Of particular interest, especially given the XMRV research, will be the CDC’s 5-year CFS research plan, which reportedly is to be discussed in this meeting, and possible announcement of new CFSAC members to replace members who will step down in January. The retiring members are scheduled to make brief comments at the close of day 2.

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    I knew the meeting was the end of October but hadn't registered that it was next week already - I probably would have missed it. I watched a good deal of the last meeting on my computer and it was very interesting. I believe they do count the number of people who tune in, so do it!

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    they did count the numbers of the mtg in May, so I am sure that they will pay attention to this one, yeah, the more that watch it, the better
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    I put a shortcut on my desktop to help me remember. Can we keep this at the top of the message list this week?

    It's so very important. I wish I knew about it sooner. I could have talked my hubby in to a long RV trip and pick up people from CA to DC!! What fun would that be! Not so much for him but for us. If we could stay awake long enough to actually have a conversation.
    Maybe next time.
    Kathie (how do you delete all the info when replying. I'll try to read up on it and see if I can understand.
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    help me keep this up on the first page!
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    bump this message up!!!
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    Thanks so much for your post. It has been very helpful to me. I am set up to watch this video now. Now, if I can only be up at 6 am to watch!
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    watch what you can when you can and look at the archived videos later for what you missed.
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    Denis - I was going to bump this and see you already have. Anyways, will there be archived videos of the meeting? That would be great because I can't watch it all at once.

    Do you know where the archived videos can be found?

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    Thanks again for the instructions. I just do not think I can manage 6 am as I am having a bad week so far.

    I am set up with desk top icons to listen and watch and I have tested these things. Is there anyway to record these 2 days? If so, please post instructions here. Thanks.
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    It is likely the videos will be archived but I do not know when they will be available. If you keep an eye on the board, either myself or someone else might post when the archived videos are available. It was a few weeks after the May CFSAC meeting.

    Here is the OFFICIAL US federal website homepage - look on the right side under "Spotlight" heading to view meeting. Clicking it will lead you to a note as it is not fully active until tomorrow:

    For archived videos, go to the link "Meetings" on the left side, clicking on it will lead you to the following page, which has both written testimonies from all past federal CFS meetings as well as archived video from May 2009 meeting. This will likely be where the archived video from this meeting will end up:

    So, for everyone else, you can access this anytime.
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    Thanks so much for all the info! It is very much appreciated -

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    Same thing happened to me in May BUT I could watch it anyway. (I have high speed Internet.) I think that's a problem with the NIH testing server -- my suggestion would be to try watching it anyway tomorrow.
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    had the same "results"...DEFINITELY no dial up here, either, lol!

    hope it works, will start watching at Peterson's presentation, thanks for hte infromation dennis
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