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    Nothing for sale at this news site.

    Note the protien shell and the protien fingers (isoprin bond) that the virus uses to attach itself to your DNA. This is why, Dr. William Wong says, Systemic Enzymes help to actually break down the viruses.

    The 2 most touted brands of Systemic Enzymes are:

    Although the cheaper brands like Walmart's "Rexall" 200 tabs/ $7 is helping me (CFS "ME") and my mom (FM).

    It use to take my mom ~30 seconds to stand up or get up, now it takes ~5 seconds. Her endurance is quadrupled.

    My condition is complicated by toxic metals, but enzymes help me too.
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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    For those who like graphics, this site offers an easily understood primer on how viruses work.

    Allwxrider: I ended up typing the url because cut and paste didn't work. Could you perhaps edit your post so that the site is easier to access? It's the extra quotation marks that pose a problem. Here's how it should read:
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    informative thread indeed. How much Rexall do you take and for how long?

    im so happy that you and your mom are getting results!

    love and light,

    **Have you seen forebearance's Virastop thread?

    Also, did you have any herxing?
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    Very cool and easy to understand.

    Thanks for the post.

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    Yes, I've been reading Forbearance's results.

    I don't get herxing from enzyme therapy and my mom doesn't either. We just feel better the same day. I don't know why Forbearance is herxing.

    I wish I had the $ to try a bottle of Virastop.

    Dr Wong says to keep increasing the dose by +1 capsule/ week and you will feel the results. It was real dramatic with my mom. I'm a heavy metal case, if you know what I mean.[This Message was Edited on 02/05/2007]

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