How was your Christmas?

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    Christmas with only my two boys was wonderful. (My parents went to Costa Rica for the holidays.) We had a great Christmas morning. My kids loved their gifts even if they only received only a few. Both my kids repeatedly said that this was a great Christmas.

    Here is where things went wrong. VIDEO games! I gave a new video game to my 16 and 19 year olds sons. It was some shooter game. Because it was Christmas I allowed the boys to play it on the big t.v. downstairs. It was Christmas, the last thing I wanted to do was banish my boys upstairs. I wanted us to be together even if it meant listening to a video game endlessly for hours and "Mom, watch this...."

    Well, by lunch I was so overstimulated that I had to go upstairs. The noise and game had gotten the best of me. I climbed into bed. Everything was hurting. The room was too light, any noise even the barely audible hurt my ears, the pillow hurt my head etc. It was a case of classic case of CFS video game overstimulation.

    I laid there for about an hour just miserable. I finally fell asleep for about an hour. By then my body had settled down. I was able to return to my boys.

    I then talked my boys into watching a movie together. I was still having a problem with noise and light but watching a movie was much better than a video game. I allowed my son to pick out a movie on Netflix. He decided on a North Korea Documentary. Kids always surprise you. I was sure it would be some action adventure. My kids are growing up. It was a great Christmas.
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    We have been going to my oldest daughter's for Christmas for the last three years. She lives in the city and it is a nice change for us 'country bumpkins'. Another change, though, that we have seen coming and is really difficult to watch, is the ungratefulness and discontent shown by our thirteen-year-old grandson. It was very uncomfortable to see this young person open present after present and either show hardly any emotion about the gift or if it didn't please him, the griping about it.

    I've known that they have spoiled these two boys since they were born, but now it seems like it is totally out of control with nothing being appreciated by the thirteen year old. He yelled at his father saying: "Why didn't you just get me the Neocube I wanted?" He was very ungracious about the two leather jackets that his father searched high and low for. Instead of just saying something like: "Thank you for trying, but i had another style/color in mind", he ranted.

    They seem to have no control over this kid. He hadn't bathed in five days and it seemed like they were powerless to make him do anything that he doesn't want to do, whether it is bathing, eating anything (this 13 year old only ate coke and crackers one day), doing homework, etc. He wasn't even told to put on shirt (just had on satin gym shorts) which seemed a bit disrespectful to me in front of us and knowing photos would be taken.

    It appears that their father gives them everything they want (except interaction from him). Every now and then he will get ticked off (once when the 13 year old stepped on the 10 year old's foot and it didn't seem like an accident to him.) He proceeded to smack the older boy with a plastic nerf gun (I guess because the kid is bigger than him?) My daughter did speak up then and ask him who was acting like the child?

    This same boy is failing in school and now they are saying that he may be a "slow processor". I had never heard that term before but I guess it means that it takes him longer to comprehend things. It is interesting, though, how well he processes all the video games that he plays up to 14 hours a day. I have stayed with them and have never seen the kid put in more than 10 minutes on homework. If it i hard, he just throws up his hands and quits.

    It seems to me like they are trying to find an excuse for his bad behavior. Would having a form of autisim excuse rude, disrespectful behavior? I don't believe that hitting older kids does anything except cause hate and discontent. I believe taking things away from the kid would be more effective.

    Anyway, observing this kind of behavior is quite upsetting for my husband and I. I feel like I should only say so much because they aren't my responsibility (I've raised four). I think I will suggest to my daughter that next year they only get one present and go somewhere that they can give first-hand to children in need so maybe they might understand the true spirit of Christmas. I very much doubt that he would agree to doing that. He was raised in a wealthy family in india and is used to having the best of everything although to hear him tell it, he wasn't overindulged. I guess it is all relative to what you are used to. I do know that it is a very strange (and kind of scary) situation when the 13 year old runs the household! Has anyone else noticed overindulgence with children?

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    Hi, I'm glad for you that your Christmas turned out great.
    All I can say at the moment is this Christmas was by far the worst one of my life. I cried for most of Christmas day.
    Hope everyone else's was good.


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