how well does soma

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  1. charlenef

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    work? the dr just gave me some im also wondering about side effects. thanks
  2. suzetal

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    Works great for me.Have been on it for almost a year now.

    I have not had any side affects.But remember our systems are all different.

    I take 350mg 3 times a day.

    Good luck I hope they work as well for you as they do me.

  3. butterfly83

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    I also take it just at night. Especially when you start the effects can be heightened so its something I take while i'm IN bed, to help muscle pain and make me sleepy. It's not something I would take during the day. But the effects can be different with everyone. I would start it just at night, and just 1 tablet, and then slowly move up your dose as needed, and consulting with your doctor of course.

    But in general, Soma is one of the more effective medications i've taken. It's one of the few i've actually stuck with for a few years.
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  5. butterfly83

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    Anyone else have a Soma experience to share with Charlene? :)
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