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    Well, this is odd! I was just sitting here reading your wonderful posts and all of a sudden it seemed as though my hearing shut off and I started to hear this ringing sound in my ears! I held my hands over my ears to see if just possibly the sound was coming from the outdoors. No luck! It's coming from inside my head.

    Is this usual FM patients?
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's common with us. Mine is greatly helped by the Klonopin. I think it's just more of the seizure activity.

    Love, Mikie
  3. selma

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    I have the same problem as do many of us. I believe that others may have answers to this.
    I've asked GOD for help. Maybe with the holidays coming there will be an answer. Love, Selma

  4. tansy

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    Hi cookiemonster

    I've had tinnitus at varying degrees throughtout the years I've had cfs. You do get used to it, but I find I have to check some ringing sounds out just in case they are for real.

    I believe it has been documented under some deifnitions and symptom lists in cfs, there are so many overlaps with FM I'm sure you'll get lots of posts on this subject


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    As I understand it, tinnitus is usually due to a complex neurological phenomenon, sometimes associated with hearing loss and sometimes not, related to the brain's boosting an electrical signal from damaged "hair" cells in the inner ear. I was not aware that seizures had anything to do with it. The American Tinnitus Association has a good website.
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    My ears have been ringing for over 25 years, I use to think we had crickets in the house or just outside the window. Yes I have FM and have had for a long long time. I hear at least 2 and sometimes 3 different sounds 24/7. Also occasionally get the no sound like I've lost my hearing but still have the ringing. Ended up with hearing aids at the age of 45! I have a hard time hearing an alarm and recently came up with setting a radio station to talk to wake me up.

    Hope that disappears for you as quickly as it came up.
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    I find that it occurs more when I have been going through a Stressful time, but it can happen any ole times.
    I do Believe it's another of thoes Symptom's that we have that Happens dduring thoes times, just to make us wonder, Now what? ;o}

    Hope your feeling better, today, I do read your Post's and find you so enjoyable, glad your sticking around, would you mind encouraging Shazzy a little? She's having a tough time also. I think when we have gone through such an experience, we are more able to talk to someone who is currently going through one, than someone who hasn't Been there. Did that make sense?

    Check out Tinnitus (sp?), I know it's listed in some of my Research on Symptoms of FMS that Mimic other Conditions, and if we have thoes conditions also.
    Like good old Memorex, is it Real or is it Memorex?
    that would be a good commerical for FMS, hmmmm.

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    i hve it all the time.when my symtoms get worse,so does the ringing.drives me crazy!i guess it's the fibro.

    kathy c
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    Hi CookieMonster

    Guess you can tell from all the responses that you are not alone with this. I get it fairly often, where the hearing shuts down and there is only this wierd high-pitched sound. Only last 5-10 seconds for me. But you're right, it's very strange.

    But 24/7 I have 3 to 5 different tones, mostly high-pitched, going in my head all the time. Mostly bothers me at night when it's quiet, when trying to go to sleep.

    If you search the message boards under "tinnitus" you'll find our previous posts from a week or so ago.

    Take care
  10. nogilroy

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    i to get this also had it for years some times it is worse when i am stressed and then there is times when it just hits out of the blue . now i just dont worry about it . i just figure it due to having fm. sorry if i am not much help
  11. Mikie

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    That damaged hearing can be a factor in tinnitus, but the fact that the Klonopin quiets it and, the fact that it can get worse under stress, leads me to believe that the neurological aspect is the culprit. BTW, it isn't always ringing; buzzing, humming, and clicking are also forms of tinnitus.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Nikki

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    If you understand the title, you know I'm really dating myself.

    I have FM and I, too, have had ringing in my ears for as long and I can remember . . . way before I was ever dx'd. Sometimes are worse than others ...especially when the house is very quiet or at night when I'm trying to go to sleep.

    I know RadioShack makes a sleep machine that can help by drowning out the ringing with white noise. If you do a search on the internet for tinnitus you may find some useful information.

    I've had it for so long I've pretty much gotten use to it. But, in the beginning, it was a little disconcerting to me, too.

    Good luck.........Nikki
  13. Mikie

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    I have an electrostatic air cleaner which make some "white noise," which helps me not to notice the tinnitus. I take Klonopin for sleep, anxiety, and sensory overload. That it helps with the tinnitus is just a bonus.

    I don't know what the answer is with Klonopin. I don't look forward to taking it long term, but I can't deal with the panic attacks, sensory overload, and lack of sleep. For me, this drug has been a God send.

    Love, Mikie
  14. ephemera

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    Yes, sounds are incredibly loud to me even tho they are seemingly low or inaudible to the rest of world.

    I hear music or radios when none are on, I can hear a computer's fan on (no printer, no other attachements) when I'm downstairs, etc.

    I've taken to wearing earplugs in noisy public places, espeically like the pool where sounds echo.

    Today I was in a doc's office with a friend who's about to have gyn surgery. The doc asked me why the dark glasses, did I have recent eye surgery. I was wearing my wrap around sunglasses over my regular eye glasses. I explained that the sunlight & flourescent lights gave me headaches & I was very sensitive to light, vibrations, noise, smells, etc. since fibro. She looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language & seemed about to direct me to the psychiatric wing of the hospital. Wow, am I glad I'm not her patient!

    Best healthy thoughts to all.
  15. fairydust39

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    Hi Cookiemonster,
    I too have ringing in the ears and have had it for years!! It's the first stage of hearing loss. I have had hearing aids for a long time. Pain meds makes it worse--your hearing loss and the ringing too.(since it dulls the nerves to stop the pain, it also effects the nerves of the inter ear). Mine never stops now. It did when I first got it but not anymore. There is no treatment for it--that works. I have worked in the Hearing Aid industry for 23 years and if there were anything to stop it --I would know about it. We get tons of info from the manufactures of hearing aids.Hearing aids cancel out the ringing for some people but for others it don't. It don't cancel mine out!
  16. coyote

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    Boy, it's been driving me crazy lately. I've also had it as long as I can remember, way before the FM Dx. I had two accidents lately in which my neck was injured. This is not good as I have 3 fused vertebrae in my neck, from birth. The neck injusry has made it much worse.
    My hearing tests come out ok, also, but my hearing stinks. I have to ask people to repeat themselves constantly, and actually bend my ear forward so I can hear.
    Sometimes the small stuff can get to you.
  17. TNhayley

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    Tinnitus can also be caused by trigger points in the head, neck and jaw. Massage on the muscles above my ear and along my jaw have helped. TMJ can cause this too, and sometimes a bite appliance can help.
    :) Hayley