how will I do it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ellie5320, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    my daughter has started a job ( good for her) she starts work at 7.30 1/2 hr tavelling finishes about 4 so guess who has the girls overnight to get to school and pick up after ( ages 6 8 10 )now her landlady wants her house back so guess who is moving in with mum and dad again I am sooo tired just thinking about it wish me luck all least I get school hrs on my own til Christmas holidays all 6 weeks OH BOY
  2. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    God will be with you and you will get through this. You daughter is very lucky to have you. You will just have to try to give the girls chores when they are with you and let them know that you are doing the best you can but you don't feel well and they need to help you. I am sure they will and that things will work out!!

    It was hard for me and my mom too when hubby and I broke up. I did not stay with her long only until I could get out on my own. Hopefully the same will happen for you.

    Best wishes and please take care

  3. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    thanks for your replys I am coping but getting so tired still haven't moved in yet maybe next weekend
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I don't know, but you will get through it somehow!!

    Have you heard the saying ......

    "I know that God will not give me anything that I can not handle."

    "I just wish that He did not trust me so much!"

  5. fivesue

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    Makes me want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head! I can't imagine having to live with my grandchildren and offspring. I don't know how you'll do it, but I will remember you in my prayers.

    I thinkI would make a list of items you must have to live and deal with your illness. You have to have time to rest, etc. So, probably some ground rules before they move in should be agreed to by both. I'm not being mean, but living with other people, if everyone doesn't realize what is expected, bad feeling will eventually cause problems. Just a thought I had.

    Take care, and get some rest before all this starts. You are a great mom and grandma to do this.

  6. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    my daughter and I get on extremely well never a cross word but the girls now that is a different story boy do the love to fight just normal I guess thanks you for caring
  7. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    Change the locks ;)

    It's gotta be rough to have to get back into the mindest of having kids around when you've already put in all your hours!

    I've put my parents in that same situation. I had just gotten a promotion at a very decent job, moved out of their house and bought a car when BAM! Lung infection, uncontrollable asthma and allergies, anaphylactic shock, and the start of my longest flare to date (still ongoing). That was back in February, and I've been living with them again since. Still not quite recovered from most of it, either. I've been told I'll never return to a job - and the number of days I can't get out of bed by myself? I believe it. I had no long or short term disability through my employer, and haven't gotten anywhere with CPP disability.

    Just when my parents thought they were 'retired' in all meaning of the word... It's like I've forced them to start all over again.

    You've done the mom duties. You should be allowed to just enjoy being a gramma!

    Just remember we're here to vent to before you start ripping out any hair ;)


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