How will I ever get back on antivirals?

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  1. Hello everyone, I wrote a just a couple of weeks ago or so because I was going through a bad herx. After taking both valcyte and another antiviral together, as prescribed, I had a bad reaction and went into the worst herx ever. Ever since then I have been having problems breathing. I feel like I can't breathe and I feel like I'm dying, although I know I'm not, but I'm in agony.

    I went off of all antiviral meds for three weeks and tried mild detoxing. I was able to breathe again I thought and so I tried half a pill of Valcyte and immediately went into a major herx, couldn't breathe, etc. I waited a few days and then tried just a small amount of Olive Leaf Extract. The same thing happened.

    In the meantime, my HHV6 virus has went up from 951 to 1148 because I'm not on antivirals, and I can feel myself getting sicker. I've been totally housebound, but not totally bedbound, but am returning to being almost totally bedbound again. My doctor is very good, but has never had a patient experience this so severely before so this is all new territory. I don't know what to do. I don't believe anybody knows what to do.

    What should I do to be able to tolerate the antivirals again? I'm really at a loss. I was making progress and now I'm going backwards quickly, but can't tolerate any antivirals, even with mild detoxing and 3 weeks off of the meds!
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    I responded to your first post with a suggestion that you check out Transfer Factors. Have you had a chance to check them out. It could be the solution.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Hi Mikie, thanks for your reply. I am interested in Transfer Factors, but I'm a little scared to take them right now, because it seems if anything makes virus die it makes me feel super sick. I'm either extremely toxic in my liver and need to detox further, or my doctor said he thinks I may be having some sort of histamine response so we're working on getting that under control. I really think I need a major detox, though. I just drank some lemon juice and ordered the burbur detox stuff. I'm scared to do any big detoxes because it might just push me over the limit! I am a tiny bit better today but still have trouble with breathing, especially if I stand, and even if I sit. So I've been in bed almost all day yet again. Some day when I can get this under control I want to try transfer factor. I did actually order some a couple of months ago but just haven't tried it yet. :/
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    Hi Lisa- I have experienced breathing trouble and feeling like I was dieing many times, it can be very frightening. Several years ago I was having trouble breathing and feeling like I was dieing, I thought I had pneumonia. So I went to a walk in care facility, because you didn't need an appointment.

    What it turned out to be was an overload of toxins. A toxic overload, in my experience, can feel like a mild flu or cold to feeling like a zombie and feeling like you are dieing. I also think a histamine response to toxins is also very common.

    It sounds like you are on the right track, and your instincts are good, but its like trying to turn around a luxury liner. It takes a while, and when you feel miserable it can feel like forever. Let us know how the Burbur detox works will you? You will get through this, I promise :) Take care--Jim
  5. Thank you, Jim. I appreciate the encouragement, it really helps. :) I will definitely make an update about the Burbur detox. I also ordered some activated charcoal the other day, so that will probably arrive first, because the Burbur I just ordered last night. I'll let you know how they both go.
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    I hope you and your doc can get this under control. Yes, a major dieoff of pathogens in the body can cause a toxic-shock-like effect if the body cannot rid itself of them. Put your TF's in the fridge even if you haven't opened them yet. They last longer. Best of luck to you and keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Oh thank you, I didn't think about putting the transfer factors in the fridge. That makes sense, I'll do that.

    So today I tried the Burbur detox for the first time. I actually don't think it gave me too much of a bad detox feeling, but I did feel like I was breathing a little easier soon after. Several hours later, though, I decided to start doing detox smoothies. Last night I put in a Safeway delivery order, so today I received my groceries and so I put a bunch of veggies and fruits in a blender. I must be getting stronger because I couldn't have even done that a few weeks ago, I have been so weak. But anyway, I drank that, and then about half an hour later had a big detox feeling... a headache, really tired, and a weird feeling through my limbs. I wasn't sure if it was the Burbur or the drink. Then around 9 pm I took another big drink and got the detox feeling again, so I'm sure it was the smoothie. I think it's good, though. I obviously need to detox badly if a smoothie puts me into detox that much. I noticed tonight that although my chest feels really heavy, I'm not noticing each breath feel like torture, so I know I'm breathing slightly better. I'm going to keep up with the detox smoothies and Burbur detox and see how far it gets me. Who knows, maybe I won't even need anti-virals again? Seems like a stretch considering my condition, but that would be pretty amazing!
  8. Just wanted to give an update. I did the burbur detox along with blending veggies for a few days and tried echinacea yesterday and could tolerate it. I took a big leap and took some Famvir today and so far so good. I took 250mg twice, which is a pretty low dose, but I couldn't tolerate anything a few weeks ago, so it's a small miracle that I am ok so far. I'm giving the Valcyte a rest for a little bit while I give Famvir a chance. I'm worried it won't work like Valcyte, though. I'm still pretty incapacitated and housebound, but better than pre-Valcyte, so I hate to give up on it. Anyways, the good news is that my extremely long herx is over after being off all meds for several weeks and detoxing. Boy, that took a long time to get through.