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    How would you best describe FMS symptoms to a doctor. In my particular case, sometimes it's as though I feel like i'm having an "out of body" experience with the exception of me returning to my body. As I find myself waking up from a sleep, I can feel my heart racing along with the feeling of circulation that is taking place within my body. It's as though someone has plugged a microwave into my body, followed by stiffness and pain.

    Has anyone had this type of consistent "rude awakening."
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    If you can find one, let me know..LOL I wake 2-3x's per night..Just seems like I was nvr asleep??? as for pain, burning ripping muscle pain..Throbbing joints..It is hell!
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    I think I would ask the doc if he has ever been beaten over every inch of his body. Then when he said no I would ask him if I could do it to him so he could see how I felt because it is so hard to describe:) How can you tell some one with good health that every day you feel like somebody that just got into a car wreck and the car was totalled? Best of luck finding one to understand. Unless they have it it's very hard. Although I am sure it can be done to some. Have you tried ZMA for sleep? It has been a miracle drug to my sleep. Never slept better my whole life.
    LOL, teawah
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    rude awakening. I've decided that it's some weird brain chemistry thing. Do some breathing and "centering" practice. Hope this helps...
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    Well, let's see ..... maye like never ending flu aches and the raunching cramps just before you throw up but in all your muscles?
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    I also have that out of body feeling. I woke up at 8:00 this morning and then needed a nap by 10.30. It is now 1:00 but I have been laying here trying to get my body to react to all the things my brain is wanting to get done. Make sense?
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    Well, the way I actually got thru to my doc, was someone said to write a list of ALL your symptoms. As you go thru the day and another symptom happens, jot it down right then (carry the pad of paper around with you everywhere you go!) or else you will forget it. O.K. that could be #1., brain-fog, ect.....
    Once I had done this for several days, I sat down and re-wrote the list into catagories, checking them off as I went or I would have listed some of them 3 times and left others out.

    As for your other question, I have been awakened with my heart racing, but I don't remember the circulation part. I do have electrical jolts like sticking your finger into a light socket and it shoots thru my body at laser speeds. Is this what you mean by the microwave being plugged in?
    Hope this helps,
    Love and Prayers, Lisa
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    I feel like rigamortis(sp) has set in. Worst is upon awakening, feel like Im in a zombie state some days. Deffintly on an emotianal rollercoaster all the time. Pain goes from achy, stiff feeling, to sharp, throbing excurating(sp) pain all over!! Well, hope that has helped. take good care. Hope ev1 feels some kind of relief soon!

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    but add the flu like feeling with fatigue so bad you think you have the Hong Kong Flu; also add... like you went cross country skiing without being in shape and woke up the next day with the out of shape pain; or you went running for 6 hours straight with no break also not being in shape! Also toss in the stiff frankenstein walk due to achy stiff joints. Thats a good way to describe it for in the morning to. Love Pammy