Howdy Do, Y'all! :)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by GreenOnions, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. GreenOnions

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    Thank ya fer the link to the video, Jean. :) Them there Red Pandas is cute as a bug's ear, ain't they? :)

    How y'all a doin today? :) Me n Wendy n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :)

    I been pretendin to git chores done today. :) I just ain't got a lot a get up n go today. :)

    N they weren't no way I tossed a grey mousey on Wendy's bed on my way down to the kitchen this mornin. LOL N she didn't scream when she woke up n found it on her pillow. LOL N I didn't git whomped on the arm when she got downstairs. LOL

    I reckon as I best go git some lunch. :) I'll be back in a mite bit, with a belly full a chicken n veggies. :)
    Jerry, lookin forward to some leftovers from supper. :)
  2. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    She can try n hide it iffen she wants, acause I got a whole package of em the last time I bought mouseys. LOL

    N thank ya fer the links to Nora. :) That there had me laughin out loud. :) N Mary called, a laughin about it. :)

    Have yer goodies got there yet? :)

    Ya shouldn't a told Kevin about yer chicken. :) It ain't a gonna last very long, iffen he's a eatin it all. :) That there is a right tasty recipe ya come up with. :) Wendy's makin some more, she's a gonna take it up to Ben n Lizzie's fer their supper. :)

    What'd ya have fer yer lunch? :)
    Jerry, headin fer some coffee to keep me awake. :)
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    The other was taking sooo long to download. I checked both of your new pics. They were sooo cute and funny. I will have to check out those videos. I haven't had the chance to yet.

    Glad all is well with you all. I have been so busy and had a bladder test this morning.. Unfortunatly, I have to wait to hear when the doc will say friday when she calls to tell me the results of my test. I will be glad to hear what is going on cause it is driving me crazy,

    Diane - I can see you are both waiting on baited breath for all you goodies to come. I will be anxious to hear what you make. We all know that you will be making fried chicken nuggeets for Kevin (or he will be making it). I'll bet that your house is busy with those kitty chases going on, unless they are snoozing.

    Jerry - glad all is will with you and the kitties. How many mousies did Wendy find all over the house, under the refrig. and everywhere? My goodness, how many do you have, is it enough for all your kitties??

    TTYL. Just needed to check on my friends with al their cute and funny kitties and critters.

    BTW, HI Jean !!


  4. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    It were a hit, right enuff. :) N Ted's asked Wendy to make it fer him n Mary tomorrow. :) Yer becomin famous. :)

    KK's been a runnin around like a fool all day long. :) He's a hearin the voices, is how Brenda woulda put it. :) N Samson's been stalki.....watchin Wendy all day. LOL Bob's a snoozin out in the walkway, n Big Al n Hercules is a snoozin under my desk. :)

    Now ya got me thinkin about chicken fried steak. LOL I reckon as I'm a gonna have to ask Wendy to make some fer supper tomorrow. :)

    I been watchin the Nora videos, n some a the other videos a kitties a doin stuff like that. :) I been tryin to point out to KK he's just about old enuff to be takin up the banjo, but he don't listen. LOL

    I best go git some more coffee, afore I nod off. :)
    Jerry, headin to ask fer chicken fried steak. :)

    PS: Wendy's pulled a couple a steaks out to thaw. :) Yeehaw! LOL

    PPS: I'm a gonna have to try harder to make ya dribble yer tabouli. LOL
  5. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N yer right welcome. :) I'm glad I could help a mite bit. :)

    Yer a gonna have to tell me more about yer stuff, when ya git a chance. :)

    Y'all have yerself a great evenin, my friend, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow. :)
    Jerry, glad ya got yer order, n all's in order. :)
  6. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I been sittin out on the porch, jawin with Doc, n plumb didn't notice the time, till Wendy asked Doc iffen he wanted a bite a lunch. :)

    KK n Big Al n Hercules n Bob is all stickin close to Doc, in case he pulls out any smoked herring, n Samson is stickin close to Wendy, with an occasional meander over to Doc to see iffen he's dolin out fishies. LOL Doc n Wendy is chattin in the kitchen. :)

    It's nice n cool here today, which is why I invited Doc to sit fer a spell when I saw im drivin down the road. :)

    Sounds like ya got a right lot a goodies fer yerselfs. :) N I can't even imagine what it'd be like to be in the States n not be able to have a biscuit. :)

    Wendy goes back to school tomorrow. Why they's a startin school on a Friday, I ain't a never gonna understand. She ain't crazy about it, but she's figgerin on makin my lunch afore she leaves in the mornin. :) The girl does love to cook. :) Henry's a gonna have to watch hisself, or he's a gonna be big as a house. :)

    N now ya got me wantin apple butter. LOL I'm a gonna have to walk out to the cellar, n git a jar. :) I reckon as Doc'll be wantin some on his bread. :) He always had a weakness fer Brenda's apple butter. :)

    We're a havin the chicken fried steak fer supper tonight. :) Last night was the last a the chicken n veggies. :)

    I'm right glad yer feelin a mite better today. :) I ain't gittin much done, but I reckon as that's just fine, acause I got company. :)

    N Now ya got me wonderin iffen we can have tacos tomorrow. LOL
    Jerry, headin off fer some apple butter, n ask Wendy iffen we can have tacos tomorrow. :)
  7. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    She pulled up yer picture to show im, n he spit bread n apple butter all over the back a her head, n all over Samson. LOL

    Jerry, laughin while Wendy's off washin the apple butter outta her hair. :)
  8. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I reckon as it's right lucky she's a gotta start school tomorrow, so she don't have time to drive up there n whomp ya. LOL

    N yep, Brenda's got a recipe fer apple butter. :) I'll hunt it up fer ya. :)

    Wendy's cookin up yer famous chicken n veggies right now, fer Ted n Mary n their younguns. :) N she's a gonna give some to Doc fer him to take home to the wife. :) Doc's a hangin over the pan, a droolin. LOL

    What all did ya have fer lunch?
    Jerry, headin in to keep Doc from eatin all a the chicken n veggies afore it's done. LOL
  9. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Wendy's just about done with the chicken fried steak. :) N she's plannin on breaded zucchini, just as soon's we git some more zucchini. :)

    Ted n Mary n their younguns all liked yer chicken n veggies, n Doc called, n him n his wife both liked it, too. :) Wendy had to email yer recipe to Doc's wife. :)

    I'm right glad yer enjoyin yer breaded zucchini so much. :)

    Did ya eat the rest a yer zucchini? :)

    Doc didn't have no smoked herring with im today, acause he weren't makin rounds. :) He's on vacation this week, n was just headin up to the lake when I waved im over. :) He never did git to do any fishin. :)

    Wendy's a puttin the chicken fried steak on the table, so's I best git in there afore the Kitty Crew makes off with mine. LOL Y'all have yerself a right good evenin, my friend, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow. :)
    Jerry, headin fer the supper table. :)
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Your talking about afamous chicken and veggies, and Diane is talking about all the stuff they just got to cook with and all her ideas.

    Jerry -Did you give Diane the recipe for chiken and veggies yet? IOs it an easy recipe? If you haven';t given it could you do so oe of these days?

    Diane - What are you all going to cook now with all your stuff besides chickey fried steak, tortillas (I think you mentioned)?? If youdid my memory is gone this time of night.

    It is late abd time for beddy bye. The next two days will be busy. Hope to get back soon to check out any new foods you have to try and keep away from those kitties :) !

    Hugs to everydobby,(inc the kitties and critters)
  11. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    How y'all a doin today? :) Me n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :) We're missin Wendy, a course. Samson's sat in the window n cried when she drove off this mornin. Now he's a carryin around one a her bits a laundry. LOL I ain't a gonna say what, acause I figger she'd be right embarrassed iffen I did. LOL

    The chicken fried steak was right tasty. :) Thank ya fer the idea. :) N Wendy's figgerin on stoppin by her ma n pa's place, n gittin some zucchini fer breadin. :)

    Did ya sleep good last night? I did. But I'm still pretendin to git chores done. :) N drinkin coffee to stay awake. :)

    Speakin a which, I best go git some more, afore I nod off. :)
    Jerry, headin fer some coffee. :)

    PS: Thank ya fer the link, Jean. :) That were interestin. :)
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  12. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I went to look at yer picture, n didn't realize ya'd gone n changed it. LOL I gotta go change into a dry shirt. LOL

    Jerry, a mite bit soggy. LOL
  13. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    It were rainin earlier, but it stopped just about an hour ago. :) A course, they's some clouds to the southwest that look like they's a comin our way. :)

    I been sleepin good, but I'm just about slap tuckered out today. :) I'm right glad to hear yer sleepin good. :) N I'm right glad you n Kevin liked yer tacos. :)

    N I was figgerin Samson'd be missin Wendy today. :) He's been her kitty since she started stayin here. :) I ain't sure how long he spent moonin, afore he jumped offen the windowsill, n went got somethin outta her laundry. :) Now he's a sleepin on it, over on the couch. :)

    N it sounds like Faith ain't nothin but innocent. :)

    Jerry, headin fer a cup a coffee, afore the rain gits here again. :)
  14. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Wendy's home. :) She come in the door, n called his name, n Samson walked into the hallway, looked at er, n then drug her laundry into the kitchen. LOL When she went into the kitchen, he started rubbin up agin her. :) Ya oughtta have seen er face when she saw what he was draggin around. LOL I started laughin so hard, I just about had an accident. LOL

    N it didn't take no time at all fer the rest a the Kitty Crew to come prancin in the kitchen, lookin to see iffen Wendy was a gonna be handin out food to some starvin little kitties. LOL

    Jerry, headin fer some more coffee. :)
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That was so funny and cute about Sampson and his love affair with Wendy and his draaggin her (probably undergarments) around the place. That must have been hysterical. I can imagine you , JERRY, laughing you almost wet your pants. Boy and are those kitties trained or what. Shec comes in and they come a running and looking for handouts.

    Still waitain for the doc to call and called and left a message and we have to leave in awhile. So, I migat try again before we leave. Will be gone also all day tomorrow for a music workshop.

    Diane - hopeall is well withyou . You and Kevin should be in hogs heaven with all the goddies that came in the mail for you the other day. MMM GOOD.

    By for now.


    Granni -still waiting !! Isn't that always the case ?!

  16. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N I'm right glad I could make ya laugh. :) I just reckon as I'll have to keep on a tryin, n maybe I'll git ya to spit sometime. LOL

    N I ain't got no idea what yer a talkin about. :) They ain't no way I'd ever tease Wendy fer somethin like that, is they? LOL N she's done started supper. :) The zucchini is breaded, n in the pan. :) N so is some tacos. :)

    N I ain't a plannin to teach Samson nothin. :) He's a kitty with a mind a his own. :) I figger it'd be easier to teach Wendy to shut her bedroom door afore she leaves fer school. LOL

    The starvin little kitties is all still a sittin in the kitchen, a pinin fer some food. LOL So far, their pinin ain't a workin. :)

    Jerry, headin fer some coffee. :)
  17. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    She still blushes when I mention laundry. LOL

    Well, she's a puttin supper on the table. :) Y'all have yerself a right good weekend, n I'll talk to ya Monday, my friend. :)
    Jerry, still laughin. :)
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - I can almost smell the goodies on your stove cooking away. YUMMM, I can smell it from here. You are so lucky that Kevin cooks too. My DH will do steaks and hamburgers on the grill, and maybe eggs and bacon, sandwiches and soup from a can. How's that for a wide variety?? Oh he can also make cereal - like put in bowl and add cold milk :) !!Gee, you even had a pot with scraps for Sally. You are such a good mommy !!

    No I didn't hear from the doc friday. I am guessing she was very busy delivering babies or something r another. I know ob/gyn's are always having emergencies of some kind or another. I wil TRY and get a hold of her tomorrow bright and early. Thanks for asking. I will let you know as soon as I find out anything.

    Had a busy weekend with the church music ministry, a concert to go to on friday evening and a workshop saturday all day. morning and afternoon. Up bright and early before the bird to go to early church and then a breakfast gathering at Ryans Restaurant and a speaker who spoke about how he and many others he worked with worked against drug smuggling and all in the U.S. It was a very interesting talk.

    Then I came hoje and did a wash and that is all I have done. No NRG as usual :) !!

    Jerry - I forgot what you said but I seem to remember you were getting ready for supper. How nice that Wendy is cooking for you. Hope you and the kitty krew and doing well after a nice weekend.

    It seems like it is tryig to get cooler in the morning . It was even 69 this morning but get back up to the 90's in the afternoon. Not sure what it hit today, not to bad I do not think.

    Well, bye for now and hope to be back to check in tomorrow.


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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the cooked chicky recipe. It sounds yummy. Yes, we already ate but that is making me hungary again too :) !! What do you usually serve that with. We usually get the frozen chiekn brreast that do not have skin or bones, too besides the other. So, that should be an easy recipe. I am getting so tired of the same old recipes. Did you make that one up or find it someplace and then modify it. I do that alot. DO YOU BROWN THE CHICKY FIRST BEFORE COVERING? iT SEEMS LIKE YOU SHOULD DO SO. Also, have you used canned chopped tomoatoes also? I usually hae that on hand. That might be wonderful on rice. If I do not have zucchini I could still cook it with the onion. Green pepper might also work eso if there is no zucchini.

    Gotta run. DH neeads the puter and I need to go take a shower before nitey nite.

    Thansk so much for the recipe. What was Jerry's recipe about besides ground pork (patties or what)?


  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - That surely sounds yummy. I will try that one, just wanted to know if you had used canned chopped tomatoes. I rarely have the real ones arond . I may have some of the tiny grape tomoates though sometimes. I love fresh tomatoes but they ripen and go bad to fast around here, unless I got to the store by one or two and use it right away.

    I copied off the recipe and will make it. I just need to have the zucchini on hand I almost always have onions for whatever I am making.

    Did you make up this recipe or copy it from somewherer and then adjust it to your liking? I rarely use recipes either unless it is a new recipe I have never tried, then I may adjust it.

    Jerry-Hope all is well with you and the kitty krew. Is Sampson still carrying on his love affair with Wendy? That was to funny about him carrying Wendy';s unmentionables around.

    Gotta run for now ans get dress and get ready to go to line dancing class. I get so little real exercise anymore. I love dancing of any kind so I went back to that this year.

    Hugs \sto everydobby ! See y'all later on.


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