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    How y'all a doin, Diane? Me n the Kitty Crew is all a doin okay. :)

    Supper was right tasty on Friday. :) The Kitty Crew all got a taste, exceptin fer the two miscreants. LOL They was busy sleepin on the kitchen floor. :)

    Rachel left this mornin, right about 20 minutes ago. :) What she calls mornin, anyways. :) I was up at 4:00, acause KK woked me up, sittin on my chest, n pokin my nose. LOL

    Did Kevin like his soup? Was Tabeet a tryin to eat it? :) N did Tabeet try n eat his cereal this mornin? LOL

    I reckon as I need a cup a coffee. :)
    Jerry, headin to put the percolator on. :)
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    N yep, KK was a wantin the percolator on at 4:00. :) He was a sleepin with Rachel, so I were a mite bit surprised he woke me up. I reckon Bob musta shoved im outta the bed. :)

    I'm right sorry about yer cramp. Are ya drinkin enuff, with the weather bein warmer? I gotta keep after Becky fer not drinkin enuff when it gits warm.

    Yer lucky ya didn't git poked in the nose by a kitty. LOL Iffen I tried sleepin till 9:00, I'd likely git poked so hard, I'd have two black eyes. LOL

    Jerry, sippin some coffee, n thinkin I gotta grind more beans iffen I want another pot later. :)
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    I hope ya git to sleep the whole night tonight like that. :)

    N enjoy yer lemonade. :) Rachel squeezed some orange juice afore she left this mornin. :) I had me a glass just as soon's she got done. :) I was missin real orange juice. :)

    Henry's still around till tomorrow, but I don't expect to see much a him or Wendy, neither one. :) They're down to Wheeling, n I expect em to be there till after supper. :)

    I been workin on Wendy's rockin chair today. :) Henry n Wendy left fer town just about 9:30, n I pulled it out, n got to work on it. :)

    Reckon as I need me another glass a orange juice. :)
    Jerry, with a cravin. :)
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    I was out to the barn, workin on Wendy's rockin chair, when I heard a noise in the house. I went in to see what was a goin on, n opened the kitchen door to see five white kitties standin in the kitchen, with the flour barrel on it's side, n flour all over the place. LOL

    I gotta go give each a the kitties a bath, n then vacuum up the flour in the kitchen. :)
    Jerry, reachin fer the leather weldin gauntlets. LOL
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    What a mess in your kitchen. Flour is not the easiest thing to get up eithe, as I am sure you know. Guess you need to vacuum it all up before adding any water. Otherwise you will have paste everywhere !! That must have been funny looking at all those white kitties with flour everywhere. Hope it doesn't take to long to clean up -yikes.

    Diane - sorry you are not sleeping that well. I haven't been either or even as yucky as usual. I am guessing it is the antibiotics. However, I don't have many pills left to take so hope it will get better when I finish them.

    Guess I am doing better with my coughing, so that is a good thing. I do know with bronchitis even after all the infection is gone there can be a fair amount of noisy coughing going on. I have had enough of these bronchitis attacks. Well, gotta go for now. Hope all the drinking water helps you to feel better and have less cramps, Diane.

    Granni - still giggling at the thought of Jerry coming into the kitchen only to see a pile of white flour everywhere in the kitchen and transformed white kitties.
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    I shoulda expected em to knock it over, I reckon. :) When one a the Kitty Crew takes to chasin KK, he runs into the kitchen, jumps up n bounces offen the flour barrel, n ends up jumpin right over the head a whoever's chasin im. :) Each time he does it, the flour barrel rocks back, hits the wall, n rocks forward. I reckon I kinda figgered it'd be a while afore he got big enuff to make it fall over. :) I reckon I were wrong. :)

    N yep, they tracked flour all over. LOL I got the bedspreads offen Hnery's bed, my bed, Rachel's bed, Becky's bed, n the boy's bed in the washin machine, along with Socky, n I gotta clean the paw prints offen the bathroom mirror. LOL

    I'm just waitin to hear some a them stories a yers. :)
    Jerry, drinkin a cold cup a coffee, n gittin ready to grab the vacuum. :)
  7. GreenOnions

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    N I might have to nail the barrel to the stand. :)

    It mighta been kinda cloudy while I was out to the barn earlier, but it's been right sunny out today. I hope ya don't git no storms. :)

    N I hope yer enjoyin yer limade, or lemonade. :) N I hope ya git to sleep all night tonight. :) Should I send KK up there to wake ya up at 4:30? LOL

    I finally got all a the flour vacuumed up. :) Includin the paw prints down the hallway, n up the stairs, n into the bedrooms. LOL

    I'm thinkin on whether I oughtta just leave the prints on the mirror or not. :) Maybe, iffen I leave em there, they'll stop puttin prints there every time they git into somethin? :) I reckon it's right funny that, fer all a the times they left paw prints on the mirror, I ain't never seen em a doin it. :)

    I reckon I best git supper on to cook. :) I figger Henry'll eat like a shark when he gits home. :) The boy's got an appetite like Walter, fer country cookin. :)

    Y'all have yerself a right good evenin, my friend, n try to git a good night's sleep. :)
    Jerry, hopin the Kitty Crew didn't steal all a the sausages afore they set off the flour bomb. LOL

    PS: The sausages is safe, n in the fryin pan. :) Now to peel some taters. :)

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    How are y'all a doin? :) I'm a doin okay, but a mite bit tuckered. Henry's rental car broke down about ten miles from here, n I took the tractor out n towed it back to my place. It weren't nothin major, but I weren't a gonna try to fix it standin alongside a dirt road after dark. When I got it back here, I went over it, n found a loose wire on the solenoid. I fixed it, n it started right up. :)

    I ended up gittin to bed right about 3:00, n I was up at 5:30. :)

    Henry left fer the airport about 15 minutes ago. :)

    Did ya git a good night's sleep? I'm a hopin the answer is a gonna be yes. :)
    Jerry, headin fer some more coffee. :)
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    I'm a mite bit silly, acause I'm so tired, n I went n looked at yer picture. LOL I spit all over my monitor, my keyboard, my desk, my shirt, n KK. LOL I musta laughed fer 20 minutes. LOL

    I'm sorry ya didn't git more sleep. :( Do ya want me to send KK up, to whomp Kevin fer ya? :)

    Wendy's been around since Henry left, helpin out with stuff. :) She went to pull the bag outta the vacuum cleaner, n didn't know it were full a flour. :) She pulled it out, n ended up gittrin a face full a flour. LOL That set both a us off, n we ended up laughin fer a good long while. :)

    We had us some rain right after I posted. It's purty much clear skies out now. :)
    Jerry, headin fer more caffiene. :)
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    Or should I be listenin in the mornins fer a scream out yer way? LOL

    It'd be right interestin to see who'd end up with Kevin's supper or breajfast, KK or Tabeet? :) One thing fer sure, ain't no way it'd be Kevin. LOL

    Ain't it amazin? I had to go check the calendar. It just don't seem like it's Independence Day already. I'm figgerin on lightin up the grill, n watchin the neighbor younguns set off fireworks while I'm grillin up some hot dogs n burgers n kielbasa. :)

    I got one field I let the younguns set off their fireworks in, n by younguns I mean mostly Ted n Ben. LOL N then the real younguns git hungry, n come by fer a burger or a hot dog. :)

    This'll be KK's first Independence Day, too. :) I'll have to keep an eye on im, n see how he likes it. :)

    What're ya drinkin today? I'm havin coffee, acase without it, I'd be sleepin. :)
    Jerry, headin to put on the percolator. :)

    PS: I keep gittin booted offen the board fer some reason today. Maybe acause I sit here chucklin about stuff, n don't never click on nothin. :)
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    N sleep tight, n don't let the bedbugs bite, as my Pa used to say. :)

    I'll talk to ya tomorrow, when I'm hopin we'll both have got lots a sleep. :)
    Jerry, who oughtta make hisself some supper. :)
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    I'm right glad ya slept at least a mite bit better. :) I hit the hay at 8:30, n woke up with KK starin at me at 4:50. :) We met Bob comin up the stairs, a wantin his cartoons. :)

    Who won the battle this mornin, Kevin or the Food Monster? :)

    I'm on probably my fifth cup a coffee. :) I been out to the barn, workin on Wendy's rockin chair since just after breakfast. :) It's nice here today. We got us a nice breeze a goin, n I got the windows open in the house. :) I got me a fan a runnin out to the barn, acause it ain't got no windows to open. :)

    N when it comes to fireworks, Ben n Ted is right about six years old. LOL They both head to Ohio, n spend right on $500 betwixt em. :) They get everything from sparklers to ladyfingers to to fountains to roman candles to rockets. :) Saturday, they'll be a settin em all off in my field, then Sunday somebody that ain't me'll be out there cleanin up my field. LOL

    Tobey n one a Ben's boys was settin off bottle rockets last night, n KK was plastered to the window, watchin em go up n pop. :) I'm a thinkin he's a gonna enjoy the show. :)

    N I'm right sorry I couldn't make ya spit. :) I'll have to keep on a tryin, I reckon. :) Evil as Mittens is, you'd think she'd a beat up Cindi in er sleep, or somethin, but that kitten lets the girl git away with just about anything. :) A course, iffen Mittens thinks Cindi wants to play dress up, Cindi has to catch Mittens first. LOL N Mittens is gittin good at hidin. :)

    Reckon I'm a gonna go git myself a chipped ham sandwich, just as soon's I chip some ham. LOL
    Jerry, headin to git out the meat slicer. :)
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    N iffen he has the same number a fingers after he's done as he had when he started. :) It surely sounds like Tabeet'd give KK a run fer his money in the food stealin department. LOL

    N I know what ya mean about the limade. :) Rachel let KK sniff er finger when she got done squeezin the oranges fer the orange juice, n he got a look on his face that made us laugh fer a good 15 minutes, just afore he took off a runnin like is tail was on fire. LOL

    How was yer lunch? Mine was right tasty. I took a fresh smoked ham, n chipped a good 15 pounds a it. :) I got me enuff chipped ham to last me a couple a months, provided KK don't git into it. :)

    KK just come a runnin into the kitchen, n bounced offen the flour barrel, n it rocked a good bit. I reckon as I'm a gonna have to git to work on the new stand. :)

    Jerry, headin fer coffee number eight. :)
  14. GreenOnions

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    I keep a picturin Kevin tryin to eat his breakfast, with Tabeet a tryin to steal it. LOL

    N I may just have to make some brown rice fer supper, n see how KK feels about it. :)

    KK's a snoozin on my monitor, makin ham burps. :)
    Jerry, havin his 12th cup a coffee :)
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    I hope yer feelin a mite bit better. :) I got Kevin's email, n don't ya worry about postin back, or sendin any emails, till yer feelin better. :)

    I figgered this might give ya a chuckle. :) I woke up this mornin, n went down to put the percolator on, while KK was sleepin on Rachel's bed. :) Just as soon's the first perk sounded, I heard KK jump offen Rachel's bed, hit the floor runnin, out into the hallway, down the stairs, down the hallway, n when he tried makin the turn into the kitchen, he slid right past the doorway, he was a goin so fast. LOL Then, when he did git in here, n jumped up on the counter to watch the percolator, he give me one a them "I'm gonna poop in yer shoes" looks fer lettin im miss the first four perks. LOL

    Y'all git some rest, n just worry about gittin better, my friend. :)
    Jerry, a headin to put the percolator back on. :)
  16. GreenOnions

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    I didn't want im poopin in my boots. LOL He was a sittin there, watchin the perks till they was done. :) When the perks stop, he hops down, n waits to see where I'm takin my coffee, n heads there afore me. :) Once he makes sure I ain't a gonna magically produce food fer im, he either lays down n naps, or takes off a runnin to play, most like. :)

    Did Tabeet like the eggs? Or is she a milk kitten? :) N I just about fell outta my chair when I saw Kevin's email, I was laughin so hard. LOL

    Enjoy bein a couch tater, my friend. :) Ya need it, to git to feelin better.

    N yer right, I got a couple a thye Ben Franklins a goin. They ain't stoked too hot, just enuff to take the damp n the chill outta the air. :) N I been doin some chores around the house, n maybe playin a mite bit a BFV. :)

    Enjoy yer tea, my friend. :)
    Jerry, thinkin about a hot Chai tea. :)
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    Diane - I hope you are feeling better. I see things are the same with Tabeet stealing food or trying to anyways. That is funny that she didn;t like the looks of Kevin's eggs and wanted some cereal and MILK !!

    Jerry - Isee you are still busy with that rocker. Whe is the wedding anyway?? Finally get all the flour cleaned up from the other day :) !!

    I have been busy but don;t actually ask me what I have been doing, nothing to excitinfg for sure. I am getting better but with the holidays upon us and the doctors getting ready to disappear, and me still being somewhat congested I called the doc for some more antibiotics. The doc or nurse is supposed to call soon today. They will not be in the office tomorrow.

    Justed wanted to check in with you both. Hope you both get to have a good nap. Hope it isn;t to chilling for you Jerry. You did not have to worry about that here. It is in the high 90's == whew.

    Well, guys I need to leave and do a few things before the doc decides to call me. Then I need to go to the drug store.

    Have a happy 4th ! Ours will be very quiet - just us at home in the house as it is to hot to really be outsdie much.


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    He's still a kitten, after all. :) Far as I can tell, kittens don't really settle down much till they's about five to eight years old, n then not by much. LOL

    N I'm right glad yer bein a tater today, Diane. :) Ya need to git enuff rest to git to feelin better again. :) Which playlist are ya listenin to? I'm listenin to yer Rolling Stones playlist. :) Ya got some right good songs there. :)

    N it's a right lucky thing Kevin saw her up there, n moved the glass candle holder! :)

    N I reckon I best go pull out the taters, n peel some fer supper. :)
    Jerry, headin fer the taters, tater. LOL
  19. GreenOnions

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    It's about durned time. :)

    I'm makin Dublin Coddle fer supper. Wendy's headin over, n I'm a gonna show her how to make it. :) It's right tasty, n Henry loves it. :) I learned how to make it when I had a couple a days layover in Ireland, on my way back from Vietnam. :)

    I kinda like "Natural" on the album. The rest is okay, but he ain't no Mick Jagger or David Bowie or Willie or Waylon. LOL

    I hope ya have yerself a right good evenin, my friend. :) I reckon as I best git my behind back in the kitchen, acause Wendy's here. :) I reckon as I'll talk to ya tomorrow, my friend. :) Y'all have yerself a right good evenin. :)
    Jerry, headin fer the kitchen afore Wendy whomps him. :)
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    How y'all a doin? Me n the Kitty Crew is a doin good. :)

    Did ya git enuff sleep last night? :) I ended up a goin to bed right about 9:30, n KK woked me up at 4:00. :) I reckon as he was a wantin his percolator fix. LOL

    Wendy did a purty good job on the Dublin Coddle. :) It were right tasty. I had the leftovers fer breakfast this mornin, fried up. :)

    Wendy said "Hi" back to ya. :)

    I was just on the phone with Ben. He's like a wee youngun, he's so excited about settin off fireworks tomorrow. LOL

    I gotta remember to clean my grill afore tomorrow, or lunch is like to be a mite bit late gittin cooked. LOL

    I hope yer havin a right good day, my friend, n I'll be back after lunch, I reckon. :)
    Jerry, wonderin iffen he could cook up a pound a kielbasa without gittin climbed by KK. LOL