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  1. greenapplecat

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    happy summertime!!!

    ~Cant wait to pick some fruit and go on small hikes.. very small.. but can enjoy sitting by a tree and taking in the fresh air.. or watching the squirrels play or listening to the birds sing~ some sweet finches built a very cute nest.. the daddy is red and the mama brown.. first they built it where it was not so safe, so they immediately moved it, what a tidy nest and really wound cool and tight and rather big stuffed inside of a good hiding spot!

    and the kiss of sweet cats and the other animals.. while i crunch into a green apple!

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    Hello Greenapplecat

    Welcome to the board. Lots of nice people here to talk to. You can find the board rules
    at the top of the page. See the blue line. "Supplemental News" has info on research, etc.
    To purchase supplements, visit the shop.

    You can also chat with people using the Chat feature at the bottom of the page. I'd
    explain it, but it's still somewhat confusiatin' to me.

    If you want to chat on a thread with no set topic, see the Porch which started a decade

  3. Soul*

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    Howdy to you too, sounds like a lovely scene to be able to watch. Over here the big and blue tits and black birds are very active in the garden.
  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Greenapple, are you a Granny Smith? One of my favorite apples. Welcome to our Chat Forum. C'mon over to the Porch and chat a while.

    Love, Mikie
  5. greenapplecat

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    howdy! thanks for the messages. lots of cleaning to do today and some gardening.. where do u go to upload a photo to the icon??


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    Hi Greenapple

    Go to "Forums" above. At the bottom of the list of forums is "How to and FAQs". If you
    can't find what you want there, post your question.

    I haven't uploaded a photo myself, because it's too technical for me.

  7. greenapplecat

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    I found it.. its where it says avatar. thanks!
  8. greenapplecat

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    hope u are having a fun summertime.. its beautiful out today.. love to all the beautiful creatures.. love wild birds they are all so cool. have a skunk here at nighttime.. first he was eating the catfood..its was a bit too close for comfort.. he is being a good skunk and enjoying the birds sunflower seeds now!! I hear and see him chomping them at night..then he scurries off! have fun~~~~

  9. Soul*

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    Yes it's a lovely time of the year, very busy here with little birds and lots of veggies are growing which always is a joy to see. There is a garden and wildlife thread on the home and bedbound forum. Feel free to drop in there too.
  10. greenapplecat

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    very cool *soul~~

    sounds very pretty in your garden.. thank u for the tip on the garden/wildlife .. hope u have a happy 4th!!! ~~ greenapplecat~~~~~~
  11. greenapplecat

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    ~~howdy~~~ its a beautiful day out.... and not sooo hot.. I am enjoying a lot of organizing and computer updating..with friends ... the animals are happy when its nice..and comfortable.. have a wonderful summertime !!!