How's Abby the pug?

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    I woke up last night praying for her.Please keep us updated on her.

    So many people have said that I go overboard about my pets.God put them here for a purpose, and he knows how much we love them.

    I had a cat that had convulsions one time, it wasn't pretty.

  2. despite my feeling---not even describable with words right now..

    Thank you for asking about "abbers" :)

    I'm THRILLED to report, she's probably-85-90% better now.

    Shes' a more clingy baby now, to me, and to hubby as well, and misses him terribly while he works now, but*

    She's playing with her squeaky bunnies, attacking her 'sister' our beagle mix, regularly (lol stinker/bully!) she seems to be much much more coherent, and probably as good as she'll get right now, as she's on a super high dose of pheno + potassium bromide (PB, & KBr for short), her sight seems better--with intermittent bouts of still getting confused, not seeing things, but, it truly is sooo soo much better..

    I'm still praying constantly, to keep seizures at bay, I don't think her little body could go through another horrible cluster, like the 9 seizures in 4 days...4 of them in just 10 hrs..and I KNOW hubby & I, couldn't take it, our hearts were absolutely broken for over a week.

    She cries sometimes, still, and we can't figure out why, we think it's now confusion, rather than pain, since she doesn't constantly 24/7 pace, & cry..

    The vet did give us pain medication by day 2 or so, because, she was up NON-STOP, pacing & crying, and he finally thought "she might be having a pretty nasty headache from all the pain" he thought first, it was due to the almost 100% blindness, & confusion, basically out of fear....

    Now, I'm ok as long as I KNOW she's not in pain, I still hate for her to cry, but, if you hold her, or she can follow you, she's normally ok. and the crying doesn't last long..

    She's sleeping almost like she used to (nearly 1/2-3/4 of the day, and all night), and not having as much trouble (balance) going "potty" but, still (and I think it's the cold weather, ) has accidents inside, but, that is fine...they make good shampooers. :)

    She's barking more, 'kissing' us a LOT, and, as always, getting into everything she can find, standing on tables, etc.

    I still give her melatonin, & rescue remedy, as recommended by the guardian angels website (people who have epileptic doggies), and I like to *think* at least, that it helps her too.

    I pray each day, but, also *praise* God, for the wonderful work he has already done on my baby. I honestly thought she was gone,

    Now, we just have to pray her X-ray is "normal" we're waiting on a specialist, the vet thought her heart might be enlarged, but, admitted he himself did not know enough specifically about Pug anatomy.

    They said also one side of her heart pumps harder..a few days after her seizures stopped....I could feel it POUNDING, (but not racing) just thumping HARD, and she could not/would not rest, now, no more 'palpable' pounding, (it was so hard, it shook our bed!) I stayed awake allll day & night. at night, would put my hand on her heart..half praying god would heal, through my hand, & also just praying the beating would settle down, and also that it wouldn't just *stop!*

    Hubby & I are much, much calmer...but, my health certainly nose-dived even further, when I didn't even imagine* it possible. But, I'm getting *some* sleep now, hubby, & BOTH dogs, are sleeping through the night,

    Thank you God,

    And thank you all for asking & praying for abby, please continue, we ask god that she can be as seizure free as possible, in such severe epilepsy, and that her little heart isn't serious, and that we'll have her for her expected 12-14yrs of age. Six yrs is just wayyy too short.

    When I get around to it, (or my sister, rather) hooking up the scanner...I PROMISE you all, my little angel(s) will be put in my profile.

    Thanks again,

    Laura M.

    The song "Jesus, Take the Wheel" has become my *theme* song, recently, and may always be..