How's this for a happening on Halloween night???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TwoCatDoctors, Nov 1, 2009.

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    I'm not high on catnip, and this is true. Halloween night, the cats and I had our door hit with a HARD BOILED EGG still in the shell. Apparently some idiot was giving away hard boiled eggs as a "healthy treat" and the kids didn't like them so the eggs were flying. I only got the one on my door and it was easy enough to clean up.

    What idiot gives away hard boiled eggs on Halloween?? My cats said obviously someone who has been heavily into the catnip!!!

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    we hated getting apples i remember 1 house served hot chocolate we loved that.
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    That is awful!! Thank goodness they were hard boiled and not raw eggs. Those are a buggar to clean up and can be awful for paint!

    Yeah, who would give eggs?? Who knows how long they even sit out before kids would get around to eating them??!

    You should see what my son came back with! FULL bags of small tootsie rolls, a huge thing of Kit Kats (full size) with 6 in a package, a 12 pack of cool colored pens. One house was serving hot dogs and hot chocolate. I couldn't believe what some people were giving out!

    About 3 days after the 4th of July our doorbell rang at about 10 pm - scared the crap out of me. I saw flashing lights through out sidelight, then got scared that maybe it was a police car and something was wrong. Then we heard a LOUD bang - sounded like a gunshot. My husband flew out the door to a huge plume of smoke. A bunch of idiots threw a huge firecracker at our front door. It exploded, burned our door mat. We called the police - all neighbors were out etc. The police said it was a darn good thing that I hadn't opened the door when the doorbell rang or that would have exploded in my face and could have caused serious damage. Our little dog would have run out also. =( What really angered me WAS the fact that they rang the doorbell - wanting us to open the door.
    Yes with the help of neighbors they were caught. Kids just don't think of the consequences. Good students, athletes at high school, didn't think there was any seriousness to the situation. After the fine, I'm sure they now think twice.
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    Otherwise I would have scootered there and put the remains of the hard boiled egg from my door all over their front door step--would have served them right. And you're right--who gives out hard boiled eggs for Halloween and what parent would let their kid even eat them?? It was really stupid of somebody to do that.

    That's terrible about the firecracker and glad they were caught. Thanks for telling us--you taught all of us that it pays to wait and not open the door.