HRT and symptom relief.

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    I'm not sure if this is relevant to anyone else, but I have recently changed my HRT to Ogen 1.25 and this is up to 3 times the dose of anything else I've been prescribed over the past 11-12 years. It has helped with my moods and brain-fog as well as some of my pain.

    I had really sore breasts for the first 6 weeks, so sore that I was thinking about stopping it. I'm glad now that I persevered, because I feel heaps better. I am in no way "cured", but I am more mobile. I guess sometimes you need to keep going for there to be any benefits.

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    Hrt is such a is menopause. I know that while upping the dose has worked for me it won't necessarily work for other women, however I think people need to be aware that menopause can aggrevate the symptoms of FMS and CFS.
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    I was SUCH a mess before I started HRT! I'm STILL a mess, but for different reasons. Getting hormonal balance, though, was a REALLY big one, and alleviated many of the symptoms I had attributed to FMS - outrageous mood swings being at the top of the list. Now, I'm just mellow, and even keeled. Takes a bunch of stress to get me to blow my cookies these days!

    Glad you were able to find something to help you. One little baby step at a time, and we MAY just conquer this dread illness.

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    I gained a ton of weight on HRT and so have switched to the natural over-the-counter mother hormone, Pregnenolone. This has restored my estrogen to premenopausal levels with no side-effects except elevated DHEA, but more importantly, it has helped my mood. I have been a cranky, hair-trigger temper type ever since the big "M", and it really helps with that.
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    My FM got worse as I was going through Menopause. i thought it would be a breeze, but was I wrong. One of my friends is having no M symptoms, but I was walking around drenched in my clothes, irritable, snappy. After trying several HRTs I finally found one that gets rid of most of the hotflashes. Someone told me I would "feel better" emotionally, I guess, but that hasn't been the case. It's hard to know sometimes where symptoms from one chronic condition end and others start.
    Mostly so irritable I can't stand myself.!!!!!!
    Oh, well, gotta keep going the best we can.