HRT (sensitive issues,ladies only,please)

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  1. SPR30

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    I am 35 and suffer from RA,FMS,CFS,heart trouble and many other things.
    At age 29 I had a total abdominal hysterectomy(TAH).
    I am in need of an estrogen replacement other that Premarin(took Premarin .9 for years and never felt like it was doing any good really and I suspect I may be allergic to it,it does come from horse urine).
    I tried Estroven and The Wild Yam Progesterone cream and Estrogen cream, those didn't work.
    I NEED HRT. I have night sweats,insomnia (to the point of not sleeping at all!) fatigue,weight gain and ABSOLUTELY NO LIBIDO(do I need a bit of testosterone?)! None,not since a few months after surgery. My female area has no feeling and it is dry with no elasticity,intercourse is extremely painful/impossible.(I have been suffering 5 years and I must find something that works for me!)

    I have an appointment to see a new Dr Monday so any suggestions over the weekend would be great!

    Also does anyone know of pharmacies that mix custom hormones in the central Florida area?

    Love and Light,
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  2. ckball

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    I went threw chemo induced menopause plus radiation treatments to my rectum, I had rectal cancer. I was 40 yo.

    12 years later I am still taking my prempro. It has a little higher risk of certain cancers, but I have already had it once so I'm taking that chance.

    I have tried to quit several times in the last 6 years and can not function without it. I already had enough brainfog with the fm, RA,CFS.

    The sweats were horrible, day and night. Moody, irritable, homicidal, know what I mean :)

    I have been alone since before the cancer. My ex and I remained freinds with benefits, he was a good mechanic :-0

    I have suffered the libdo and dry issues. They do make some better lubricants now, even Wally's sells it. My Dr once gave me a cream that made it numb and sorta moist. That was a long time ago. Maybe they have better things now.

    My GF suffers as well, she won't do without her prempro either.

    Just be honest with your Dr and get some hormones levels tested and go from there. Everyone is different, this is just what works for me and a freind. Good luck-Carla

  3. Rafiki

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    Total hysterectomy at 33 which was 22 years ago.

    I was on Premarin for quite a long time but, like you, felt it didn't agree with me and I was never comfortable with what they put the horses through to get it. I often forgot to take it because it seemed to make me feel off somehow... my gut feeling was that it was hard on the liver. I have no rational reason for that.

    Now use small dose of Estrace in the patch form. You can google. I've been very happy with it.

    Good luck to you.
  4. hugs4evry1

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    I occassionally use a very low dose hormone patch, sorry can't remember the name right now.

    My hysterectomy was a few years ago and although I don't need the patch on always, it seems to be a cycle I go through.

    I once recommended the site to someone on the board, I had read about it in one of my magazines.

    They apparently have tons of information that might help you too.

    Best of luck to you...


    Nancy B
  5. joyfully

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    Hi. Pills don't work for me. I'm allergic to the patches. I get 2 cc of depoestradiol injection every month for the past 3 decades.

    I was 32 when I had a complete hysterectomy.

    If you aren't allergic to the patches, I would suggest that you try them first.

    Your doctor should be able to tell you of a compounding pharmacy in central Florida. Otherwise, I'd call a couple local pharmacies and ask them where a compounding pharmacy is located in your area.

  6. ninavee

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    I feel your I had a hysterectomy at 30 and am now 40 so have been dealing with this for 10 years.

    Even with lubrication, my "area" will sometimes pull and tear a little making very sensitive sores that can get infected if I am not completely careful.

    I have tried various HRT's and have not had any luck... Please keep my name and send me a message if your doc finds something that works for you.....

    Great Post!!
  7. joyfully

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    Another lubricant called "Glide". I believe you can purchase it in drug stores.
  8. SPR30

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    I saw a new Dr Monday and she suggested Estrace 1.0 pill/daily in addition to Estrace .5 cream/1-2times a week. She also said the Premarin isn't right for a lot of women and there are so many alternatives! WOW after 5 years of Dr's telling me that Premarin was the best,ha!
    AND...she referred me to a Dr that actually does the saliva testing,yay! I see him Monday,the 5th and I hope to have a compounded estrogen made just for me,or he may say the Estrace pill and cream will be good for me. If I can just get through a few more days until I see him. I have been off Premarin for several weeks,so I am ready for the saliva test.
    My Dr said that for young women like me,herbals most likely will not be enough for HRT. I tried Estoven for a few weeks with no results,so I have stopped it too.

    I appreciate all your help and I will keep you posted as to what happens,if I can help anyone,please contact me.

    Oh,as for lubricant. No lubricant helps,there is absolutely NO elasticity,none! No sensation either!

    (I really hope that the right HRT will help,before my surgery I never had any sexual dysfunction,actaully it was quite the opposite,I functioned well! To have a TAH at 29 and feel this way at 35 with all my other health issues...well,life is miserable,I hope to at least feel like a woman again.
    Thank God for a husband that has stuck by me for better or for worse,just how much 'worse' can one family take though,sigh...)
    God bless you all my friends,I love you.