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    Hi all! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and any time off of work you may have been given..and I hope there WAS some!

    I haven't been here for awhile with the holiday rush and the remodel going on in this house still. I hate to say "remodel" which sounds like a big change in room sizes or fancy new cabinets for the kitchen etc.

    It's mostly painting and laying new vinyl tile and carpeting and one wall he cut through between the kitchen and livingroom to make it seem more roomy and open. But it's been a LOT of work for my husband who suffers (and I mean suffers) with Diabetes 2 and genetic back problem among other things. Slow and steady he has managed to get us where there is at last a light at the end of the tunnel anyway.

    Anyhow, I just got my monthly newsletter from the Awareness people. I"m not sure of the whole name but it deals with FM and CFS and I'm sure some of you get it also. SO this may have already been discussed when I was not here, if so please forgive my repetition.

    In the newsletter they have a very short article about some study that was just finished that shows that the HTLV-1 virus (Human T cell lyphotropic virus type 1) may be involved in at least Fibromyalgia. It was a new one to me and thought it might be to some of you also.

    I was so excited at new information being released that I even failed to see what type of anti virals are being used to try to treat it. Maybe you can do some research on your own though if you haven't heard of it. I intend to. I can't CC&P on this machine (too complicated to explain but I can't) or I would have just done that with the article. If you don't get the newsletter though they can probably be found in your search by putting in FM Awareness dot whatever.

    Like I said the article was only a few lines long but I'm sure there must be more info out there to be found and read.

    I hope if someone that can CC&P will do so and put it up for us all to read. It didn't describe the symptoms except to say it was similar to several things many of us get and to FM. It didn't say how you get it or anything like that as far as I could tell either. So there's much to learn for me and I hope anyone else that hasn't heard of this yet.

    Have a lovely day! Bambi
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