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    HI I thought u might be able to help me at the risk of sounding dumb my upper stomach feels liked i worked out i feel tight when i touch im only 90 pounds so i can feel easy its not my usaul soft stomach can they also get tight like other parts of us also my period just finishedm 2 days ago my doc will say its gas thanx valerie
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    sorry bumping
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    Are you inquiring about your stomach proper or the abdominal area?

    I weighed 100 lbs. for 45 years and I could actually feel my literal stomach cramp ..much like false labor cramps. As you know by know bone,joint,muscle et al. spasms are a hall-
    mark of FMS/CPS (or whatever the latest nomenclature is).

    I "thought" I was taking Lefsin (hyoscamine) for IBS until recently I learned it was also a muscle relaxer for smooth muscle! I take the Lefsin/Levbid, for smooth muscle spasms and flexeril, cyclobenzaprine for major spasm along the spinal area. I also learned that my pain med I have been on for "eons", hydrocodone 10/500 did not relieve my pain unless I took the cyclo. along with it! I am an ancient paramedic and the realization that an antispasmodic would be necessary to relieve the pain originated by FMS and now into 9 years of FMS/MPS, I have other ailments common for FMS survivors are subject too (not all, but some). CactusLil'
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    i take mobic and xanax i thought the xanax was working well if i do one dunb thing im ruined for a week,but i do see tight abs and i know i dont have that normally,val