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    My hubby is a very spiritual man. Because of everything that happened on Saturday I find him teary eyed every now and again. Hes extremely greatful to be alive. He was already dead once in his life at the age of 17 1/2, he just cheated death again on saturday.
    When he was in the E.R. and we had no idea what was going on yet and I was still in panic mode, I called our Pastor Ben to come down. He showed up after 5:30pm service that evening.

    My mom was still there. He spoke with My hubby and us. My hubby kept saying "ya know Ben, I was dead before, it almost happened again, theres a reason why God still wants me here.....". Ben shook his head and said yes. After we made a prayer circle holding hands, he left. My husband looked at me and said thank you so much for having him come because he needed to talk to him. Ben was there when he had his accident back in 1989. AT his bedside with his parents when he was in a coma and thru out his recovery and rehabiliation. He also was there for him thru his horrible divorce. I changed over to my hubbys church because it meant alot to him. I love Ben. He married us last August. He such a sweet Pastor.

    Anyway, thru out the day yesterday I found hubby tear eyed. He was smiling, but teary eyed. I think coming home and being exhuasted from what he went thru probly caught up to him along with the reality of what happened.
    He looked at me and asked me if it was ok if Ben came to the house and sat with all of us and prayed with us and talked to him. I said absolutely. So, tomorrow Ben will be coming over. Im hoping it will give hubby peace. He KNOWS and PRAISES GOD for all that he had done that day. As a matter of fact the last day we were in Hospital we met his ANGEL....a woman from the Lab downstairs came into his room. Hubby thought she was there to take more blood. She said "No, Im the woman you fell on..." he looked at her funny and she replyed"I am the one you fell on in the Convenient store...I thought you pushed me but when I turned around you were falling to the floor bashing your face into the counter and having a seizure...." She continued to tell him that no one around knew what to do. He was choking on his blood because he was bleeding tremendously and was on his back. She has medical experience so she put his head in her lap and turned his body and head to the side to drain the blood. She timed his seizures waiting for the emergency personel to arrive. He had a total of two seizures. She held him close as he bled all over her and she craddled him until help arrived. NO ONE KNEW WHAT TO DO and the Indians who owned the store didnt know anything about 911....finally someone in the back who spoke English called 911 for hubby.

    So, hubby stood up from bed and hugged her. Then I hugged her too and memorized her name tag so I can research how to send a thank you card, some kind of Angel and I also want to send her a gift certificate for a new coat. Hubbys face was so bad there was blood everywhere in the convenient store. Especially all over her. Im calling hospital today to get info maybe from ehr supervisor. Ill do what it takes believe me. Shes our angel!!!She saved hubbys life. Normally shes at work at that time. She actually left work a little early that day. If she wasnt there, hubby would have drowned on his blood because everyone ran out of the store and the people behind counter didnt know what to do, didnt know anything about 911 and didnt know how to speak English. I know in my heart again it was all of Gods fine tuning and planning of that day.

    Please keep him in prayer. Kids too. three are home sick today with Strept throat. Pray also the forth wont get it.

    Thank you all again for support and allowing me to be here and just let go. I myself am coming off the adrenaline rush from the weekend so my moods are a bit messed up. Plus I have to wake in the middle of the night to give hubby meds, esp for his face. IM POOPED!
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    You are blessed that you have a husband that has found the Lord.Mine is not quite there yet.He does say grace and does pray with the kids but still reluctant to make that commitment.I'm sorry your kids are sick,I know how hard that is on top of everything else.I will continue praying for the health of you and your family.And that God does give you time to relax and take care of yourself also.
    Love Luann
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    Well, Praise the Lord!! It just keeps getting better and better, the timing and intervention of the right people. None of that was coincidental, but well timed by our Loving Lord.

    I pray that He will touch your little ones and heal them of their strep throats.
    May you get the needed rest you need and God Bless you and your household!

    God Bless you all and love to you. Blessings
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    Boy, this story just gets wilder and wilder! That is something about him falling on a nurse...of all people! Your husband sounds like such a sincere sweet fella. You're very lucky to have him. Sorry about all the kids having strep. It does rain when it pours, doesn't it?? Well, at least you don't have to fool with getting them off to school right now! Hope hubby's lip and face are healing well. Jo Ellen
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    You are surrounded by miracles! I will pray for your hubby, and I trul feel that he will be alright, and will, indeed, find out what his special path is.

    You are very blessed to have a minister who would come out. When my mom was dying, I could not pay a minister of her religion to come out to see her. She had been a faithful and active member of her local church for over 15 years, participating in activities as much as she could, and making gifts for he children for the various holidays. Yet, when she was sick, just because her specific church had been clozed, no one, not even the head presbyter, would go see her. She ended up with the ex priest of another religion, who was chaplain at the skilled nursing facility she was in. Thank God he was a good and kind man.

    God bless you both.
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    Thank you for sharing your praise reports! Please know that you and your husband have been an ispiration to me and to others you may not be aware of. The Lord works through everyone He lives in, and He has certainly worked through you and your husband more than you will know. I'm sure many at the hospital are more aware of how our Father works in the lives of those He leads now. What a fantastic testimony you have been!

    You, your hubby, and the children will remain in my prayers.

    May God lift you both up, and may you both realize how very special your life testimony with each other is. How very wonderful it is to have lives together and to love and praise the Lord together, and to raise children to know all that love and praise all together!!

    L, Jeannette