Hubby in ICU but doing better. But OH my aching legs

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    Why is it that hospitals have their ICU departments on the thrid floor and the furthest away from the front door. I have walked so much today that my leg are SCREAMING in PAIN. To get in and back from seeing my husband I have to stop and rest as it is so far away from the rest of the hospital.
    Our hospital was set up strange to begin with. It was built on a daniagniol{sP} Triangle shapped I quess,and the middle floor has the ER and the lab and x-rays and the builling offices and labor and delivery to and then a section goes off to another building but now they are one you just walk down hallways and somehow you have gotten to the Budge Clinic.
    But the third floor has the medical unit and the pediatic unit , & the surgical unit + the ICU . the meds unit and peds are in one direction and the surgiacl and ICu are in the other and the ICU is the furthest from the surgical nurse's station. Then you have to walk through double doors to get to the ICU and it only has 9 beds in it.
    But they are S-p-r-e-a-d out and my husbands is in the furthest from the double doors. So I have my exercise in for the next week now and that is just for today.

    I asked a nurse about how far away the ER was from the ICU and she said it was like a football feild away with the addedtrack around it. So I have walked far to much
    My husband is doing much better and as I went to see him tonight he was not looking at me when he addmitted this" I hvae been ingorning this diebeties and thinking that I really don't have it, and as a result of that disbelief I have been sicker than a dog for days now and have a hospital bill too.

    I was shocked to hear him say that about him self that he thought " I really don't have this thing and it really is not that "BIG of a DEAL" nothing really bad can happen to me as I am not really sick.

    But he was told that when he came in he was in that last stage of time before he would have slipped into a diebetic coma and could have died, as it was he was so seriously dehrydrated that they had give h im in the ER a wet sponge so that he had moursture to speak with becasue if he didn't have that you could not understand what he was saying as his mouth was sticking shut.

    AS I sat by the bed tonight I listened to him say that he really had come ooout of his state of denial and that if he didn't start eating right he would lose the life that he has and would be unable to do all the things he likes to do. LIke taking his grandson fishing , hunting , shooting the black powder guns and things like that Oh and holding a new grandbaby that is on the way but shh I am not to tell you about that.

    He has to meet with a dibetic nutrionist and as I was leaving the nurse stopped me adn asked me how he really was doing with his carbs and protiens and goeating right and I said not so great. Somedays he does so well and eats saladd , with low or no fat dressing on it and a steak and he will have a gramcracker for his snack at night. But the biggest problem is that he skips meals and does not eat when he should and so it is 9 pm be fore he will eat dinner. and then he has to take a large dose of insulin and then he will still wake up with his surgar high in the morning.

    So he needs to learn what to eat and when to eat it.And most of all when and how to use the insulin when he is sick. HE needs in my eye's to stay at the hospital and be taught what he can eat and what he can't eat and the portion control which to me is a big deal.

    HE will go down stairs with a bag of chips and some sourcream dip adn eat the whole pint of dip and most of the bag of chips , this is the JUNK that he does not need to eat. May be he can have some a few at a time but it means like eating 4-6 chips and that is IT!

    So he does understand that he has done this to him self and he is the one who needs to eat right . I told him that we both should eat the same kinds of foods And together so that we don't buy the junk food that is bad for him.
    It will be hard for me too as I Like my BEn & Jerry's chocolate mint cookie icecream and I can eat the pint in a day where he will eat the pint of ice cream in one sitting. And that is bad. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel and I think that it is sinking in to him that he was to stop adn think before he puts the bad foods in his mouth and learn to eat the better choice of foods for a change.

    He was feeling like a pin cousion tonight asss they were pokeing his fingers for a blood check every hour all day and all night to see what his sugar does. But at least he is understanding that he was critcially ill today But not LIfe threatening but it could have been if he had NOT gone in when he did.

    That part he has not gotten. AS he told my girls that it was not like he could have died from this and yes he could have. But for the grace of God he didnind get any worse than he was.

    I didn't stay for more than a hour at the hospital as he kept drifting off to sleep as when you have not had any food for 4 days you have zero enregy left in your body. And it was jut wore out and exhusted. So I felt that I should just come home and let him sleep and not think that he had to keep me company and talk to me.

    I have made all the nessary ohone calls adn had him sign a check for the light bill and I am going to bring up the fqact that I have no way to take care of qny wbills should he get sick again and is out of it as I am not on HIS CHECKING ACCOUNT AT ALL and this needs to change,

    It needs to have it written in that in a case of illness or death that I can sign his checks and be a care taker of his money. I don't think he will like that one though as he has to be in control and after to day and this week HE has not control of himself at all.

    And being a guy he has to be right about every thing and even when he is WRONG.
    AS I left I leaned over the bed to kiss him but the bed was so wide that I just brushed my ahnd against his cheel and told him just how wp[ecial he is and how much i need and love him and that I appericate all that he does for me. EVen though he maay feel like I am addicted to the pain meds and I am not.

    Because he has to be right all the time he feels that way. I said that I loved him and I want him to come home so that I cna sleep restfully knowing that he is their beside me. I don't like being alone at all.but I guess I should adjust to it as if he does not eat right I may not have him around to sleep with.

    I said how much I love him and love to have him with me and doing things to gether and that I really need him adn want gto be waround hom al the time and please get better and learn how and what to at so that we can spend oour old age to gether aruging about what he can eat.
    Mostly I tle him that I wanted to be with him for the rest of ourlives and that he is the only man for me and how I want him to get better and help me to improve how I eat too.

    And then I left and walked out of his room and spoke to the nurse who said that she thought that the both of us should talk about what we can eat together as a married couple . I am not so sure that prat will go over good.

    AS I walked down the haallway I started to feel the burn of my back hips and things from all the walking i have been doing today. And I am in so much PAIN tonight that I wanted to cry as I left. the nurse noticed that I was limping and asked me what was wrong with me and I said fibro and do you have the time to hear ther rest of the story to? She said taht she knew how painful fibro is and when i added the CMP to the fibro she looked at me and had a strange look on her face like how can oyou do ghtis walking all over.
    I wanted to tell you that he is getting better now and that I am in more apin that ever because i have worked all my body muscles. I am hurting , buring stinning, stabbing have sharp pains that just run threw my viens w=and they are filled with blood and I just hurt more than my normal and I usualy do. i want to be happy with him,

    I am in so muchn pain that I have tears running down myh face some are tears of joy that my husabnd is getting some hnelp and is getting better. And then I told him that i want to be here for everwitheverthing that we need adn want to do togheher. I must go to bed now as my muscles are hurting so much that I am strugglinto stay together for now adn always. I am pryaing for him to get better and live with me agin.and be well. too. I just love him so much.
    So goodnight and sleep tight and I will to. I just want hi to be here for a ong time.

    Hugs Rosemarie
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    one of the things i see in my job as a nurse is people not understanding how serious diabetes really is. it seems strange but most patients need some type of event like what your husband is going through to understand what they really need to do. i know that together the two of you will learn to manage this problem and he will get better and have a long and healthy life.
    my prayers are with you.
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    i remember the post on the other day or so...

    i guess you took him to e.r.

    well maybe he will listen this time ..

    and yo rest up.

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    I do hope your DH can get the eating habits under control. What we do here is we just don't have any of that sort of food in the house, so it is not here to eat, as my DH is a big eater and will eat anything, whereas I only buy whole foods and organic. We do get Bryers fat free icecream and lactose free icecream. They do tghe fat free in flavors now and there are only 80 cals in half up serving, which is a lot less than a pint but will give you the taste. You can also get sugar free but I suspect it has aspartame in it YUK so I don't buy that.

    It will be hard but he can do it. I am so sorry the hospital has that long walk. They DO usually have assistance available to push you in a chair and a few have motorised scooters to use. I would ask rather than make yourself ill.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    Glad to hear your DH is doing better. I hope you get some rest.

    Just explain to one of the nurses or physicians that you are having a difficult time walking and I am sure they can help with the situation.

    Good luck and don't forget to take care of you,

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    Sorry to hear, but good to hear too.

    At least he realizes how sick he is now, and this wakeup call is not too late for him!

    Will keep you both in my prayers.

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    I'm glad to hear that he is doing better.

    Staying with someone in the hospital can be very tiring and hard on ANY person. I know you are beat. Hope you get a chance to rest and recuperate soon.