HUbby installed new furnace this past week and weekend

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    Yes thing have been going BANG in the night. Not from some one tripping over things but the old furnace was dying and had to be loud about it.

    It was really old as it was here when we bought the house about 16 years ago. And when he put in the new furnace he found out that the old one was really two differnt ones just put together with parts that matched. And NO Filters.

    So each morning while I was trying to sleep he would come in a tell me to go up stairs to sleep as he was going to make alot of noice and he was so right. But it is in now and is working with a few minors problems that will get fixed tomorrow. And this is a real furance as it has a filter with it. I am so happy now that the air will be better for all of us.

    I have a question. When you have had surgery or injured yourself does it take you longer to heal than it used to take you ?

    The reason I ask is because I went to the doctor for this problem I have and he said to call him in 10 days to let him know if it was healing and if it was not healing then I would need a biopsy .

    It is healing really well but it is not completely healed up. It is less sore and there is less of the sore spot I had.

    But it is not totelly healed up. I will call toady and let him know that it is heaing but it is taking longer than I had expected. And that I am getting better but I am taking my own sweet time about it.

    I can't afford to have this bisospy done as I have not met my deduciable and it would be something that would be an out of pocket expense and after just putting in a new furnace we don't have any money left for this to be done.

    I sill have to see my pain doctor this next week and a otrhopedic about my left wrist that I have already made the appointment for. And both my hubby and I will need to have our meds filled for this month in a week or so.

    I don't think that the doctor will be worried that I am not totally healed up and I think he will be ok with knowing that it is healing but a bit slower than we thought.

    I used to not worry about things like this but this year my hubby had a bad time with his dibeties and was in the hospital with complacations from diebetes.

    HE bought an insuin pump so that he can control his inslulin better but we now owe over $700.00 on it as well as the hospital bills and the doctor bills and our monthly doctor bills so money is so tight that To have to pay for one more thing is impossiable for me to do right now.

    So I was wondering if this is some thing that is just me or do you heal slower than you did before fibro and the chronic pain issuses that we have.

    Just wondering/ That is all. WEll it is past my bed time now..
  2. maedaze

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    I would think if it's not infected then they will class it as healing well. If it was causing lots of pain, red and angry that would be a different story. So i don't think youve got anything to worry about there.

    Will be good to have a filter in your heating system and your hubby did it by himself!? I wish mine was better at diy, he won't pay for others to do it, my dad comes out to help, but it still usually costs about the same to have employed people to do it and they would be able to do it in half the time and half the mess!

    Seems to be a 'man thing'!!

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