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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by harleyrider, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. harleyrider

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    my wife has fibro. I'm looking for a place where I can talk to other people who's spouses have fibro as well. I'd like to understand more and learn more so I can be more supportive.
  2. tonakay

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    Tons of wonderful folks here more than willing that share their advice so just jump right in and ask away.... and WELCOME !!

  3. marta

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    I think you really want a patient's support group. That might be an excellent new message board.

    Most of us here have FM or CFS but we can respond to many of your questions, at least from the patient's point of view. You already have that, of course, but maybe we can be a bit more objective.

    Fire away.

  4. Jordane

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    So sorry that your wife has fibro!!!

    But there are all kinds of people on here who would be glad to help.:>)

    Take Care!
  5. onlythestrong

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    My husband feels the same.We have gone through H*** for twenty years with this.
    I have fibro and like you my husband has tried to do everything in his power to help but do you know how you can help your lady the most,Just do what your doing be there and love,understand and most of all just have those arms open wide when she needs a hug.
    There isn't alot else you can do but I admire you for all your effort.
    And on days when she feels good fire up the Harley,that's what my husband does.We love to ride.
    I wish you and your lady the best!
  6. sisland

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    Hi and welcome!

    your wife will have good days and bad days! it will require unconditional love and understanding from you which i can tell you already have !! Bless you ! and read read- read! all the posts that interest you!!.................................the learning will follow them!! and yes fire up the Hog and take her for a ride!! I road for a few years , I can hear them coming from a mile or 3 away!!..............................................sisland
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  8. lurkernomore

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    We're all here, ready to give you and your wife all the support that we can. Hope that the both of you are just busy and doing okay! Check in with us anytime, we'll leave the light on for you both!
  9. hob

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    it helped my husband quite a bit it is called... oh the brain fog... Beyond Chaos. but I can't remember who wrote it. This may help?? Also my husband gets on here and asks questions quite often.
  10. baanders

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    My husband sounds like you. From the time he met me over 2 years ago, he was so kind, patient, and loving. It goes back to the wedding vows (in sickness and in health) and loving your wife the way God loves you or the way you love yourself. Just being there, listening, helping out, beieving her complaints are real and praying with her are the best things that you can do. Please don't leave her no matter what. Please stick up for her when others put her down. I think you sound like the type of person that is caring and is invested. :)